Mother's Day: perfect books for reading moms

Approaching the Mother's Day, a day in which to remind the mothers of their importance at home and the gratitude for their work and dedication throughout the year. On this date it is common to go out to lunch outside the home, remember the good times and make a gift, a detail that adds to the signs of affection. How to get right with this present?

They say that it is best to give something useful, something that can be used by mothers in their day to day. If at home, the protagonist of this day is a lover of reading, a book becomes the best solution. To know how to get the copy that will make this present, we propose several options that will surprise those who this Sunday open the wrappers of these details that are made with so much love.

Gift proposals

Next you have some book proposals that fit the personalities of each mother or that can help improve in certain aspects of your life, which will reach your hands on Sunday?

For mothers who want to improve: The 10 habits of the happiest mothers.

Dr. Meeker develops in the pages of this book several tips that will help those mothers who feel pressured to reach a state of happiness. How to reconcile all the roles a mother assumes today? These guidelines will reveal the best keys and also help you get the best out of your children.

For mothers looking for a good story: The Gyurkovics family.

Families there are many, but few as fun as the Gyurkovics. A narrative marked by the absurd decisions made by the protagonists that will keep the mother stuck to the book until the end. A proposal in which it will be difficult not to be reflected with the situations that are experienced in this peculiar home.

For mothers who love action: The Minion.

A heroic story, where the mother will accompany a young man who will try to find the truth in a world marked by the communist dictatorship. After being a Communist Youth League leader and recruited to take charge of a special division of the police that persecuted clandestine Christians, this role will begin to question their ideology.

To share with the rest: Communication in the family.

A problem of many families is that they do not know how to communicate. With this gift not only will the mother benefit, but all household members will be able to put into practice these tips that seek to strengthen ties and make this link a constant support to all.

For mothers of the XXI century: Digital families

How to coexist with new technologies? How to integrate families into the 21st century? In this book, advice is provided for the adequate consumption of these devices, access to information and communication. There is no need to fear this future that has already arrived, but take advantage of the best result.

Damián Montero

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