Save the Children calls for greater involvement of educational plans in the fight against harassment

The fight against bullying It has become the center of everyone's attention. Families, educators and public authorities join forces to curb this problem that, unfortunately, is still seen in many schools across the country. To remember the importance of continuing to face this context, on May 2 took place the World Day Against Bullying.

An opportunity for organizations such as Save the Children to remember the long way to end the bullying. Among the suggestions of this organization is to develop a law for the eradication of violence against children that includes prevention and detection plans in the educational environment of these situations.

The harassment in Spain

Taking advantage of May 2, Save the Children recalled several data of his report "I do not play that", where it collects the perceptions that children have of this problem In Spain 9.3% of students consider that they have suffered harassment and 6.9% cyberbullying This study also shows that 6 out of 10 children recognize that someone He has insulted them in recent months.

Of all of them, a 22,6% affirms that it has been frequently and more than a third through the mobile or internet. Data that reflect the importance that cyberbullying has gained and how new technologies have offered a platform where, from anonymity, the harasser can act with apparent impunity. Almost 30% of children say they have received physical blows, 6.3% frequently.

In view of this situation, Save the Children points out that the responses of the public authorities have been almost always reactive to cases of serious harassment that have had media repercussions, while daily harassment situations remain invisible. "Harassment in the school environment is not child's play and has very serious consequences on their physical and mental health, in some cases leading to suicide." Therefore, the prevention and detection of violence in schools must be a priority in educational plans, "says Andrés Conde, CEO of Save the Children.

"This problem is not only the responsibility of educational centers, institutional responses are lacking and harassment and cyberbullying must be part of a broader strategy of a comprehensive fight against violence against children ", adds Conde.

The proposed law

From Save the Children it is proposed, as already said, a new law where the necessary instruments to stop the harassment are put on the table. This is the content proposed by this organization:

- Specific training for all professionals working with minors to be able to prevent and detect any type of violence.

- Declare at risk children under 14 years of age who commit offenses against other children so that they receive the necessary training and attention to prevent them from committing or suffering another aggression.

- Mandatory protocols in all schools to prevent, detect and act in cases of school harassment.

Damián Montero

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