Perfect crafts for Mother's Day

Be mother It is hard work, which requires a daily effort and never ends. For this reason, the first of May, families take the opportunity to thank these figures for their dedication to the good development of the home and the support it means for the rest. A day with a clear protagonist and that should be used to spend time with them and make it as fun as possible.

Crafts are a good option for this day. A formula with which both children and parents can collaborate to make a perfect gift for mothers in his day. A present that although it does not have the quality of items bought in stores, of course that for moms will have a very special value.

Family crafts

Knowing the mother will help to choose the craft that will give the gift that most illusion causes. Although of course, the best present will be to see that your family has invested time in it to be able to invoice these products:


Help decorate the home with this craft, a beautiful centerpiece makes everyone happy. Put hands to work, get the necessary materials and surprise the mother with this beautiful centerpiece that every time you see, remember the strong family bond that has given rise to it.


Perfect for reading mothers. Do not let it get lost in the sea of ​​pages that a book supposes and it helps that each time you return to the volume that is being read, you can see this special gift. Choose the design that best suits your tastes and shape it.

A pen.

A good way to help organize is a pen, either in the office or at home, with this device you will always find a pen, a pen or a pencil. A nice detail that also has a great use.

Photo frame.

How many photos does the family have? Choose one, send it to print in a good quality and prepare a beautiful frame to show it at home. There are many designs that can be used, the father can help choose one that fits the decoration of the rest of the house.


An idea to give mom a perfect complement. A small brooch to be placed on the lapel of your shirt, purse or jacket. In this case the presence of an adult is recommended in order to be able to safely handle the precise tools for this craft.


This is a special day, perfect to celebrate and put a delicious cake on the table. Collect the necessary ingredients, put on your apron and surprise Mom with a delicious dessert that you can also anticipate.

Damián Montero


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