2,412 euros, the average cost of a communion in Spain

The time of communions, a very special moment for the children in which they participate for the first time in this sacrament. Something that many families celebrate to accompany their children in these situations of so much joy for the little ones. Dresses, the celebration treat, details for the attendees, all these points make the household economy suffer these days.

What is the average cost of a communion in Spain? From the Federation of Independent Consumers Users, FUCI, this question is answered after analyzing the price that the families of this country must assume when celebrating this event. A study that also includes the largest expenditure items and the territories of Spain where most is paid.

The banquet, the biggest expense

The data offered by FUCI is encrypted in 2,412 euros the average cost of a communion in Spain. What are the items that involve the most economic effort for families? The answer is clear: the banquet, booking a restaurant, hiring a menu or requesting the services of a catering company and renting an enclosure takes more than half of the household budget when it comes to holding this event.

The average is to invest between 40 and 60 euros for each guest. For its part, clothing, in the case of a child's cost cost between 65 and 160 euros, in the case of girls dress there is a big difference can cost up to 225 euros. A price that must be added other accessories such as shoes, a special watch for the occasion or a piece of jewelry, this game takes an average of 120 euros.

You also have to take into account other expenses such as hiring a photographer to make the graphic report of the communion. If you add other items to this item, such as the purchase of reminders and gifts, you must add another cost between 238 and 630 euros. In this field you have to take into account the quality to which you aspire, if you also want a video or if you want a more or less ostentatious detail.

Another item that is usually present in several communions, although this is optional, is to contract services animators. Clowns, a bouncy castle, staff to be able to entertain the children attending doing crafts. If you opt for this item, the cost may increase to 200 euros.

The most expensive territories

Madrid, Valencia Y Barcelona they are the three capitals of Spain where it is more expensive to celebrate a communion. In these territories the average cost is about 3,171 euros, a figure that doubles that of other areas such as Tenerife, the cheapest city to celebrate communion.

Above the average cost in Spain are also other cities such as San Sebastian, Pamplona, ​​Murcia and La Rioja. On the opposite side of the table are presented, Santander, Vigo Valladolid, Zaragoza, Palma de Mallorca, Seville, Oviedo, Ciudad Real and Cáceres are cities more economical.

Tricks to save in communions

FUCI also offers some keys to be able to save in communions. Tips so that families do not see their economy so compromised when planning this event:

- Guest List. A communion is a very special event that you want to share with many people, but all of them are so linked to the family? Do not overdo the invitations, perhaps a more intimate celebration is a good option.

- Compare prices. When looking for restaurants you should compare prices and see which ones offer a service similar to what you are looking for, at an affordable cost for the family economy.

- For the suit or dress, you can opt for cheaper elections like the rental or re-use the one who dressed a brother or older sister at the time of celebrating their own communion.

Damián Montero

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