Guidelines for giving a safe toy

Christmas, birthday, reward for having overcome a difficult challenge, many are the situations in which an adult can make a gift to their child, or to a relative or acquaintance. In the range that can be acquired to realize this present are the toys, products that while they can earn great fun for the little ones, they can also be dangerous if a series of safety rules are not taken into account.

Not only do you have to keep in mind that toys comply with the safety regulations of organizations such as the European Union, other factors such as the age of the child and the product that is granted must also be taken into account. From Family and Health, web belonging to the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics, the following tips to make these gifts without risk are highlighted.

Security regulations

There are many rules in the European Union. This legislation is for the use of a toy during a specific period of time. Over the years, these items can become dangerous because of the oxidation or wear of the union of some pieces that can be detached and swallowed by the smallest. It is up to the parents to review and decide if the time has come for these products.

In any case, if the toy that is going to be given is of first use, it is worth knowing the minimum requirements of security for these items. In this case, recognizing the CE certificate (European Conformity) is very important since it informs that the article is safe.
The brand EC It is not the only one that parents should watch, there are also other signs that should be monitored:

- Age: it is mandatory that the minimum recommended age the child must have on each toy be recorded.

- Language: the instructions for use and notices about their possible risks must be in the language of the place where the product is sold.

- Maker: must include the name or brand of the manufacturer and his address. Necessary data to be able to claim if necessary.

- Comercial establishment: local businesses and large stores usually sell only guaranteed products. In flea markets and shops of all to one hundred is more likely to find fraud (even fakes of the CE mark).

Toys by ages

Is there a toy for every age? Of course, and these are some tips to be able to get the gift right:

0-1 years. At this age children put everything in their mouths, so you have to take into account:

- Remove and remove the containers and packaging immediately

- Check old toys. And also the new ones, in case they have sharp edges or small parts that can be detached

- Store separately the toys of small children and adults

- Suitable toys: gyms for babies, blankets or play carpets, soft dolls to tighten and sound

1-4 years. At this age they start playing outside the home, so:

- If purchases are chosen as bicycles, they must be of their size and accompanied by safety equipment such as a helmet

- Check that the battery compartment can not be opened

- Monitor the presence of small parts, tapes, chains before the risk of suffocation

5-9 years. Continuous movement begins, we must ensure that it is safe.

- Articles for sports are not toys. If this gift is chosen, the products must be safe to avoid injuries.

10-14 years. Children already manifest their tastes. You have to choose products that promote your skills and that do not increase your sedentary lifestyle.

Damián Montero

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