Portuguese educational model, what can it contribute to the Spanish system

The education of the youngest is one of the most important points in its development. In the school and institute they learn the basic notions of their academic curriculum, which will later become skills in the workplace. If you know the level of Spanish students, the Report PISA, which also measures the results of other countries.

For example, our neighbor Portugal, a country that although some years ago presented some pretty bad data, in recent times it has improved. While nations such as Finland, always at the forefront of the PISA report, have worsened their results, the Portuguese students have raised the level. What can Spain learn from changes in the education system?

Reduction of school dropout

Changes in the Portuguese education system have been the subject of study for Susana Agudo Prado, who along with his team at the University of Oviedo, has delved into what happened in Portuguese territory. A country that has reduced early school drop by 25%, from 28.7% to 13.7%.

In this study, the inclusive nature of education in Portugal has been addressed. The Portuguese educational model has opted to use all available resources to be able to meet the needs of students with difficulties and once these problems are solved, encourage them not to lose this spirit and keep them motivated to be able to continue making an effort.

At the same time, the Portuguese educational model has worked in the vision of society what the students have That is, make children see that differences are not grounds for discrimination but a factor that can provide interesting aspects. In this way, those students with difficulties will not feel marginalized but integrated and therefore with a greater predisposition to attend school.

Other tips against school failure

While a more inclusive educational model can help improve outcomes and reduce school failure, there are many other aspects to consider:

- Assess the presence of a disorder. Dyslexia, ADHD and many other problems can be the cause of students' bad school direction. Addressing the details of these symptoms can be a very important clue.

- Create an adequate study environment. A room without distractions, protected from noise and well lit will encourage the little ones to feel in an environment conducive to learning.

- Know how to motivate. The study is mandatory, but you have to find the motivation so that it is not seen as something tedious but a way to achieve a better goal.

- Do not lose hope. The errors occur. Although we must strive to avoid failures and repetitions of the course, we must not allow tempers to fall. The new opportunities are to be exploited.

Damián Montero

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