Proposal to increase penalties for parents of children who drink alcohol

The fight against the consumption of alcohol it is a headache that affects both parents and public authorities. On the one hand, adults are responsible for their children not making use of these drinks until they reach the age of majority and for reporting the dangers of these practices. For their part, the different administrations must draft legislation to prevent minors from accessing these products.

Now, the new legislation aims to increase the sanctions of parents whose children are caught drinking alcohol on the street. This is reflected in the report where the bases of the next one can be consulted Law against the Consumption of Alcohol in Minors which has already been approved by the Mixed Commission for the Study of the Drug Problem and which is handed over to the Ministry of Health.

Sanctions for families

One of the most outstanding points of this new Law is the sanctioning character to families of minors who are caught drinking alcohol. A decision related to those minors who are repeat offenders and in whom it is understood that there has been negligent behavior on the part of the parents.

Some of these Economic sanctions they can be replaced by training activities in which both parents and their children participate. In these cases, it will be necessary to assess the seriousness of the situation and if there has been recidivism to not only execute these fines, but also to put in place child protection mechanisms so that their circumstances do not worsen.

On the other hand, the venues where alcohol is sold will also be under magnifying glass of the administrations. Those businesses that are caught reincluding in these activities and allowing access to these drinks to minors, will face harsh penalties. Other measures are also valued, such as limiting the sales schedules of these items.

Prevention of consumption

What can parents do to prevent alcohol use? From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, the following tips are given:

1. Dialogue with the children and take advantage of all those opportunities in which they have a predisposition to speak and not only when the parents want.

2. Betting on leisure activities and common hobbies to find a way of fun that everyone can enjoy.

3. An individual educational project for each child according to the needs presented by each one.

4. Transmit values ​​such as the importance of the family and especially the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Encourage sports activities that do not stay quiet at home and that their leisure is marked by a healthy lifestyle.

6. Teach moderation (sobriety) in general and in the use of money in particular.

7. Offer an appropriate model with your own alcohol consumption from home. Teach that these substances are not synonymous with fun.

8. Know your friends and your group and offer, whenever possible, your own home as a meeting place.

9. Maintain reasonable but firm schedules for departures.

10. Positively reinforce the behaviors that deserve it and negatively those that require correction, always trying to explain why it has been done wrong and making the adolescent reason for himself.

Damián Montero

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