Pilgrims: we're going camping on the Camino de Santiago!

If you are a lover of nature, sports, tourism, and unique and different plans, do not miss this summer camp, the Pilgrim Camp organized by El Camino en Familia.

Encouraged by the many pilgrim families, along the already 50 organized trips, and aware of the absence of summer camps for children and youth pursuing an education in values, this summer opens the Pilgrim Camp, organized by El Camino en Familia.

A 12-day camp to enjoy to the fullest

This summer camp has a duration of 13 days, from Sunday July 1 to Friday July 13, in total 12 nights, for children and young people from 8 to 16 years. The town of San Juan de la Arena, in Asturias, place of passage of El Camino de Santiago del Norte, very close to the city of Avilés and just 30 minutes from Gijón has been the place chosen because it has beaches, estuary and recreational area . In this picturesque part of Asturias is where the hostel has just been built, equipped with a modern and complete infrastructure.

Here children and young pilgrims will have the opportunity to do rock climbing, slackline, evening evenings, creative and environmental workshops, gymkhanas, summer cinema, sports games, orientation with map and compass, surf initiation day, hiking routes through the road to Santiago del Norte, cultural visits, beach days with games in the sand, multi-adventure, archery ...

In a new higher category hostel

The hostel of superior category located in a privileged environment between sea and mountain of the central coast of Asturias (Albergue Los Novales) has a beautiful farm of 12,000 square meters with all the amenities to play games and gymkhana.

It has multipurpose rooms, a large dining room, terrace, porch, fully equipped kitchen, 4 bunk rooms with 12 beds per room, own bathrooms in each room and two extra bathrooms. The rooms will be separated by sex, in which we will organize the girls and boys by ages so that all the rooms are as close as possible. Each room will be responsible for a monitor of our team being absolute reference for the campers of the room. Always a monitor will sleep in the central corridor to which all the rooms give so that the little ones know and have a nocturnal reference in case they are afraid, they need to go to the bathroom or have any unforeseen. This measure is designed for the youngest always providing security and closeness but without removing the maturational independence acquired in this type of camp.

The Pilgrim Camp of your dreams: sign up now

The camp begins on Sunday from July 1, 2018 at noon in MADRID, from where a bus will leave for the hostel, and we will return on Friday, July 13, in the afternoon to the same point of departure. There are 40 places for campers, so you need to make a reservation to get a place.

The camp is prioritized to children and young people between 8 and 16 years of families who have walked or skied with us, and for those who have been interested in El Camino In Family or Family Skiing.

Sign up here and reserve your place

Get a 10% discount on the general price. Only for readers who make the reservation including the following promotion code:


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