Marginalized student, how to achieve integration in their center

The strange causes rejection. When a child is not like the rest, this can be left out of others. Whether by having different tastes, a disability or any other circumstance, sometimes in schools can be seen outcast with respect to others. How can we help their integration, what can the members of the school do?

From School of Culture of Pau offer a series of tips to get the student outcast can be integrated into the school and ensure a good coexistence among children. In this way, situations of bullying will be avoided and, at the same time, increase the self-esteem of these children to get a better awareness of themselves in situations where they do not feel fit.

What parents can do

Is there evidence that children can be marginalized in their school? Escola de Cultura de Pau offers the following advice to parents. In the first place, it is necessary to detect which are the needs or difficulties of the children and help them overcome them.

In some cases, this marginalization is based on unsociable behaviors on the part of the children, who choose to stay out of the rest and not interact. These children often hide important unmet needs, or lack of skills to relate positively.

Parents can perform these activities to guarantee the good development of their children:

- Recognize the child as a person worthy of esteem, and treat it as such.

- Increase your self-esteem by proposing tasks with objectives that you can assume in the short term that can guarantee success.

- Promote situations in which you can have social experiences and can improve them, for example family reunions where the child can play with their cousins ​​of similar age.

From the center

At School center You can also work so that students can feel integrated and avoid their marginalization:

- Promote group activities as a strategy to create a climate of trust and mutual support among equals. The schools invite their students to work in groups so that those students who are not integrated can develop their social aspect and their classmates discover all that they can offer them.

- Promote activities and situations in which self-esteem and mutual recognition among equals are worked. The tutors must offer the students who are not integrated the opportunity to give an account of their abilities by offering school activities according to their qualities.

- Betting on an educational model that from the most basic levels teach the need to say no to bullying and yes to coexistence.

Damián Montero

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