First cold in the baby, what should you know?

Facing fatherhood is one of the great challenges of life. With the arrival of a child appear situations that will result in a happiness difficult to explain, others, on the contrary, will test the parents. Something that becomes more evident in the case of first-time, who have never lived something similar and will not know how to react.

An example of this is when a first-time father sees that his son has become ill. The first cold of a child, especially when the cold occurs in babies unable to communicate, can turn on alarms at home. Therefore, from Medical News, small clues about these situations are offered in order to master the situation and not get carried away by them.

More common after 6 months

This team of pediatricians emphasizes that colds they are rare in newborns less than six months old. This is due to the antibodies that the child has at this time. When these defenses are reduced, the minors become more vulnerable in this situation.

Far from what can be thought, this situation will help the child to generate antibodies to be able to face other conditions as it grows. This does not mean that there is no need to act to alleviate the symptoms and allow the baby to cope. The first step is to recognize the signs that you are facing a cold:

- Excess of nasal mucus.

- Slight fever.

- Sneezing and coughing.

- Greater irritability.

- Difficulty when taking the breast because of the irritability of the throat.

In these cases, parents must go to the specialist to confirm the diagnosis and start treatment as soon as possible. Here are some tips that can help make the child better:

- Nasal washes with a physiological solution to help eliminate secretions, thus facilitating breathing.

- Nasal aspirators.

- Use of medications recommended by the specialist

Situations in which you have to worry

While a cold may not be too much concern, there are other situations that can be confused with other serious illnesses. These are some examples:


A newborn with the flu can present symptoms typical of the cold, they are usually added other signs that may include vomiting, diarrhea or high fever. In these cases the baby may also be more fussy due to other signs that make them feel more pain.

Whooping cough.

Pertussis starts like a cold, but symptoms can change after a week or so. The baby can develop a severe cough that makes it hard for them to breathe.

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