How health suffers according to the adopted parenting style

Decide how to breeding A son is something very personal and that depends on each parent. Depending on the style chosen, the results are different, but not only for the little ones. The consequences of this decision also affect the parents and even mental health suffers from this preference.

This is what it says Amy Morin in one of his books where he talks about the mental strength that fatherhood requires. The psychotherapist describes various styles of breeding and the results they have in this regard for parents, as well as what they can do to reduce these effects in order to ensure good development for their children and stay fit at the mental level.

Helicopter parents

Morin notes that helicopter parents feel the constant need to rescue their children. The most obvious effect for children is that they are not able to face the challenges of their day-to-day life, an example is the parent who ends up doing a school work of the child to prevent him from presenting himself at school without him. But there are also negative results for adults.

The most obvious is to live in constant anxiety. These parents live stressed to control all aspects of their children, they feel the need that everything they undertake is perfect. In a way, they feel that the success of the little ones will be theirs. A situation that increases the risk of mental exhaustion and depression when expectations are not met.

The psychotherapist He recommends taking a step back and remembering that it is the life of the children, not of the parents. It must be maintained as a support, not as a network that saves them from every danger. They must make an effort to see their children wrong and learn a lesson. In the long run they will see that the little ones are capable of facing these challenges and succeed.

Authoritarian parents

This style of parenting characterized by a great presence of punishments to respond to bad attitudes also results in anxiety. Parents constantly monitor all activity of the children in order to to correct Any behavior they interpret that is not good. In addition, anger problems may also appear.

This style of parenting increases the stress of the parents causing them to fall into shouts and bad manners when it comes to answer to his children. Something that in the long run exhausts the minds of adults. Morin recommends to these parents to look for techniques of control of the anger and that before the symptoms of these, stop and try to speak with their children in the case that there is a behavior to be corrected.

It's not about allowing children to do everything you want, but to act differently when they see bad behavior. Bet on dialogue instead of anger when these situations appear and control the stress that is generated in them when children do not have good behaviors. It must be remembered that they have not yet reached the same maturity as an adult.

Mixed model

Is there a lifestyle that ensures a correct mental health status for parents? Morin bets for a mixed style. That is to say, to allow children to explore and know the world, making mistakes and learning, at the same time that rules are imposed that guide children in their day to day life.

In this way, we will bet on a style that gives confidence to the children, while at the same time remembering the authority of being a father. On the other hand, Morin also recalls that fatherhood involves certain problems for mental health as mental exhaustion. For this reason, he recommends that in the face of the news of the arrival of a child, prepare in this sense and know the situation they will live from birth.

Damian Montero

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