A contract between parents and children to manage hours of video game use

New technologies have expanded many horizons. The databases have been expanded in a surprising way, the distances have been reduced allowing communication with people across the globe. The leisure sector has also been driven by this era where computers and video game consoles They have become a regular tool in the lives of children.

In some cases, there are even cases of dependence on the youngest towards videogames. Even the WHO will consider addiction to this form of digital leisure as a mental illness. How to ensure that children who use their video game consoles Do it responsibly? Tencent, a Chinese company dedicated to the production of these items, proposes a contract between parents and children to guarantee a correct employment.

Ensure the accomplishment of tasks

As they explain from The Wall Street Journal, the intention of Tencent is to provide parents with tools to manage their children's playing time. A formula so that parents can ensure that the little ones do their work before they can enjoy a game. At the moment they perform their tasks, adults will activate this option.

The intention is for children to fulfill their responsibilities before making use of these technologies. Through this contract, it is added by the minors the assumption of tasks to be able to reach this moment of leisure that they enjoy so much as it is the case of videogames. At the same time, it also ensures that parents can manage the use of these technologies by younger children and avoid abuses.

At the moment, this contract will only be implemented in Chinese territory. Although this option becomes an option for those parents who doubt whether to buy a video game console for their children. The Adults They can propose to their children that in the first place they must fulfill certain responsibilities and in this way, they can receive permission to enjoy this hobby.

Prevent addiction

Although the contract between parents and children can be an interesting option for to prevent dependence on video games, there are other methods that can help keep this dependence away. In that sense, the absence of company is one of the factors that can lead to this addiction, for that reason the parents must do the possible thing because their children participate in social activities.

Parents must also offer alternatives of healthier leisure for the little ones. For example, after the weekend, the family should avoid falling into a sedentary lifestyle and go for a walk instead of staying at home favoring the use of video games. The aforementioned activities, where the children participate together with their friends, are another good idea.

It is also a good idea to take advantage of the tastes of More smalls and try to bet on them as an alternative to the use of video games. Family sports, attending a museum, going to the movies, there are many options that can be used to fill children's free time.

Damián Montero

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