10 myths about pregnancy that you should know

If you are pregnant, it is very likely that you have heard from some relatives or acquaintances, certain things that should not be done when you are pregnant because they could harm the baby. For example: "if you exercise a lot is bad", "the shape of the belly reveals the sex of the baby", "the dizziness hurts the baby" ... Possibly, these are some of the myths about pregnancy that you have the most listened.

Many of these statements are beliefs that have no proven scientific basis, but over the years have become a cultural heritage with explanations "magic", accepted by many women out of fear or lack of experience. Happily, in these times, science and medical advances have already been able to disprove many of those myths that only end up worrying future mothers.

Learn the 10 most popular myths about pregnancy

Myth 1:
If you eat a lot of dairy products your baby will be born with a large scab of fat on his head
This myth of pregnancy is one of the most popular among grandmothers. Dairy foods are very good to consume during pregnancy, because they provide enough calcium to the baby. That yellowish layer with which the baby is born has nothing to do with the dairy foods that the mother consumes, but it is a protective fat that the baby's own body generates naturally and that disappears little by little.

Myth 2:
If you get scared during your pregnancy, your baby will be born ugly
This is one of the funniest and fake pregnancy myths. Remember, the physical appearance of your baby will depend on the genes of the parents, not the external factors, such as scares or the fact of seeing unpleasant things.

Myth 3:
If you see a lunar eclipse, your baby will be born with a split lip
This is a belief of the ancient Aztecs, who thought that if a pregnant woman saw the eclipse her son would be born with a split lip and as a protection measure they had to wear a safety pin. Currently, we already know that the problems of split lips (cleft lip) are caused by genetic issues and have nothing to do with eclipses.

Myth 4:
You can not bathe during pregnancy
This is another typical myth about pregnancy, which many gilts usually pay attention to, because they are afraid that the water enters the baby and causes them some infection.
In principle, a bath is the most relaxing and stimulating for both mother and baby. You should know that the water will not harm the baby because the entrance to your uterus is sealed by a mucus plug. So, you can shower or bathe if you wish. Of course, in the last weeks of pregnancy it is very likely that your doctor tells you to only shower. Always follow your directions!

Myth 5:
If you do not please your cravings, you will see spots
Currently, it has not been proven that not meet the cravings reactions are the appearance of spots on the skin. While it is true, cravings are natural reactions caused by hormonal changes and anxiety, the fact that you satisfy or not, should not harm your baby.

Myth 6:
Dyeing hair during pregnancy can hurt the baby
There is no scientific proof that staining hair during pregnancy harms the baby, nor does the use of beauty creams. What yes, could be presented in the mother some allergic reaction to certain substances, caused by the same hormonal changes. In this case, we recommend that you always use warranty components.

Myth 7:
Sexual intercourse during pregnancy damages the baby
False. Unless your pregnancy is high risk, sex does not harm the baby. Of course, you should always follow the doctor's recommendations and know which sexual positions are the most appropriate and comfortable for couples.

Myth 8:
If your belly is pointed, it will be a boy and if it is big and round it will be a girl
Incorrect. The shape of a pregnant woman's belly is defined by her uterus as it grows. If you are taking any special shape or size, it is totally independent of the baby sex. To know the sex of a baby it is better to get an ultrasound from about the 16th week.

Myth 9:
During pregnancy you must eat for two
Another very popular myth. The feeding in the pregnancy must be good in quality and quantity, following the indications of the doctor. So, be careful to consume more calories than is adequate, because it could affect your health and that of your baby.

Myth 10:
Playing sports during pregnancy can harm the baby
On the contrary, the exercises are good to keep the mother in shape, relieve discomfort and achieve a more bearable delivery. We recommend that the movements and routine be previously approved by your doctor.

Now that you know the most popular myths of pregnant women, you will know that Being a Mother is one of the most complicated jobs, but, without a doubt, the most rewarding one that life gives us.

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