What children expect from their vacations

The school year is over, the holidays. A period in which you will enjoy a rest more than deserved after all the effort dedicated to achieving goals. What do the youngest of all this time expect, what would they like to invest it in? On this there was the study carried out by Home Away who has been interested in the tastes of children in this sense.

A study that has tried to find out the tastes of children before their holidays. A way to get closer to what they would like to meet once this time dedicated to rest is opened and that can serve as a guide for parents to prepare this period taking into account the opinion of the little ones.

Desire to discover on vacation

This survey reveals that the 46% of the children indicated that they preferred to invest their vacations in knowing places they have never seen or to try things they never did. This option remained as the favorite part of this period for the little ones.

It is also surprising that 43% of the children who participated in this survey give a very special value to holidays. This percentage revealed that they preferred this time of disconnection to other examples that produce happiness like receiving a present by his parents.

And what is the preferred destination of the smallest? Group pressure plays a very important role in the place that children would prefer. The television commercials, the stories that they hear from their classmates or simply listening to their parents talk about a location, is enough for the children to have an image about this aspect.

Idyllic vacation destinations for children

The imagination of children also plays a very important role in choosing the fate of children. In this way, a idyllic island or a castle, and even a house in a tree, were the best options to stay during your holidays.

As for the companies that would want on their vacations, the 77% of the children did not hesitate to indicate that they would like to be with their parents during this period. In second place was the presence of other children of the same age with whom to share games. On the other hand, 32% of the children replied that they do not conceive this period without their pet.

As for other relatives, 32% of children surveyed They would like to spend their vacations with their cousins, 29% with their grandparents. Out of these kinship relationships, more than half (54%) would like to invite their friends at this time.

Damián Montero

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