Pediatric dentistry: your first visit to the pediatric dentist

The pediatric dentists They are specialists in providing care, both preventive and curative, to children from the earliest childhood to the end of growth. The Reviews and treatments performed by a pediatric dentist they adapt to the behavior and age of the child. Its goal is that the visit to the dentist is a good experience, where children feel comfortable and get used to dental checkups since their first years of life.

Dental eruption is a physiological process linked to the growth and development of the mouth. The tooth moves from its original position in the maxilla to its final position in the oral cavity. In humans, this process of tooth eruption occurs twice, first the milk teeth or temporary teeth appear and then the definitive or permanent teeth erupt.

To the pediatric dentist from babies

Dentistry is changing and prevention is becoming more and more important, for this reason it is advisable to Dentistry for babies: the care of teeth in the first stage of life. Dental health is important from the beginning, that is, since the first tooth of milk comes out. The teeth must be taken care of since their eruption, the first teeth usually appear in the mouth between 4 months and 12 months of life. It is at this stage that parents have many doubts about taking care of their children's teeth.

The first visit to the pediatric dentist It is recommended when the first year of life. This first visit is useful for parents to receive adequate information on how to achieve good oral health, answer questions about the hygiene and dental brushing, talk about habits that could be harmful for the proper development of the oral cavity, review the growth of the jaw and maxilla, check the correct eruption of the teeth and rule out the presence of pathologies such as cavities, the pediatric dentist has the opportunity to analyze and control risk factors for this disease before it appears.

From 0 to 3 years is considered a preventive stage and, if there is no problem, it is recommended to perform an annual dental check-up. After 3 years, you should insist on improving oral hygiene. After 5 years, during the tooth replacement period of the baby teeth, the reviews are recommended every 6 months.

The care of children's dental hygiene

Children and children progressively develop their ability to brush their teeth, when they grow up and take more care of their teeth and their oral hygiene, the reviews can be done once a year. The pediatric dentist must assess the individual risk factors of each child to give the necessary guidelines and recommend the programming of dental check-ups.

Good health in the Temporary teeth (milk teeth) It helps us prevent dental problems during adult life. The teeth of milk maintain the space of the definitive teeth, for that reason it is important to prevent and to treat the cavities of the temporary teeth, it is a myth to think that as they are going to fall we must not treat them or take care of them, the milk teeth are very important although only last a few years.

Among the main recommendations to maintain a healthy mouth from childhood to adolescence stresses teeth care from the first day with proper hygiene and dental check-ups with the pediatric dentist from the first year of life to improve oral health in adult life.

Dr. Elvira Ferrés Amat. Dentist, Doctor in Dentistry. Pediatric Dentist, Full Member of the Spanish Society of Odontopediatrics

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