I want a motorcycle! The terror of parents

It is the terror of all parents! When they hear their 14-year-old son say "I want a motorcycle!" they can not avoid thinking about accidents, risks, crazy things ... Although they trust in the responsibility of their son or daughter, they trust nothing of that unstable machine that only uses two wheels to hold on, that has no protection and that runs so much. In addition, traffic is unbearable in many cities and the risk multiplies.

The theme of the motorcycle is tricky because it faces two very different interests, each with a type of arguments. You can even create a small family drama when two irreconcilable positions are given: the boy or girl who wants the bike at all costs and the parents who, even jokingly, are going to let him buy it.

Most 14 year olds would like to have a motorcycle; this is undoubted. But most also know that it is like pretending to be caught in the cadet category of Real Madrid, Barcelona or any other first division team. That is to say, it is impossible. Other boys, however, do have more possibilities and tend to be the ones with the most problems (and pains in their head).

Ages and permits to have a motorcycle

A motorcycle is not any gift. Many aspects come into play and the main one is the risk involved. At the age of 14 it is allowed to take a moped (the so-called Vespinos) without passing any kind of practical test. They drive very easily, they do not run too much ... but it's a bit irresponsible age.

From the age of 16, boys and girls can already drive motorcycles of up to 75 cubic centimeters: a much more serious issue than mopeds. These bikes can reach up to 100 km. per hour. You only need to pass a theoretical exam (which if approved is already valid for the car) and a practical one. This is how the A1 card is obtained.

A matter of risks

Apart from whether the child is responsible or not, the motorcycle, by itself, is already a risk. It is a fact that the number of motorcycle accidents is very large. It is a rather helpless vehicle, which protects the driver nothing and advances in balance. In the city, motorcycles (even mopeds) allow excessive speed, if we think about the amount of cars, streets and obstacles of a large capital.

The bike is dangerous, whatever it is, and it is the first thing to think about. We also have to make it look like this to our teenage son, with reasons. Sometimes, the risks do not depend on the motorcycle and its driver (which may be the most prudent in the world) but the rest of the circumstances, specifically, the rest of the vehicles. And there is a lot of crazy at the wheel.

The issue of risk is not an issue that should be overlooked when considering buying a motorcycle, but it is revealed as the most important. There are parents who would not sleep knowing that their son is out there with a motorcycle, although they know they can trust him. But this does not mean that, that we also trust others, that by circulating, they may not see it coming. However, by system, let's not say a resounding no to the motorcycle. There are other aspects to decide on one position or another.

The bike, need or whim?

Maybe it is necessary to buy a motorcycle: to move around the urbanization, to go to class that is a bit far away, if there is no public transport, etc. But, the normal thing at these ages is that the subject of the motorcycle is a whim, even if they see it as a reason of necessity: "all my friends have motorcycles and if I do not have it I am less than them, I can not go with them, they will leave ... "

For a teenager, a motorcycle is very appealing because of the autonomy and the sense of freedom it provides. But it would be a pity if our son did not know other better formulas to be autonomous and really free. So, in principle, not to whims, especially to these expensive and dangerous.

Ignacio Iturbe
Advice: Lucía Herrero. Psychologist and family counselor

Video: Buying a Motorcycle in High School

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