Before buying a motorcycle, think about all this

Having a motorcycle in adolescence is the desire of many boys and girls from 14 years old. His insistence to parents can be such that he does not tire of continuing to ask, tireless, "I want a motorcycle, why can not I?", Although we have said it a thousand times before, without exaggerating. The personality and character of our son has much to do to decide.

If it is a little irresponsible, playful, big hands, etc. buying him a motorcycle is like putting a firecracker in his hand and smeared with glue. If, on the contrary, he is responsible, careful, serene ... he has a first vote of confidence in his favor. Always have to explain that the risk of the motorcycle arrives where it is not expected and that you trust him / her. It will not be enough, sure. But, as long as the arguments are logical, reasonable and understandable, as are the parents who have the last word ...

There are always more reasonable situations than others: the summer motorcycle, only in the village, etc. But let's not forget the two main questions: "What risks can you run?", "Do you need it?". It is the main thing, and not that the boy is really passionate about these vehicles.

Before buying a motorcycle ...

Most likely, our son wants the motorcycle during adolescence, while having fun with the gang. We all know that, at these ages, with a motorcycle it is linked more, they pay more attention to boys and girls. But buying a motorcycle to get the boy or girl I like to pay more attention seems to pay an exorbitant price.

However, leaving aside the risk, which always exists, there may be reasons to buy a motorcycle: you have to travel in the urbanization or in the town, it's your golden dream, etc.

Having a motorcycle carries a lot of responsibilities; the first of all, pay it. It would be good if they also sacrificed a little to get it, so that they realize what things cost.

In addition, the bike runs on gasoline, a good increasingly expensive, mixed with oil (even more expensive than gasoline). It can help you to manage yourself better. And let's not think about the mechanical maintenance, the wheels, the lubrication, the cleanliness ... Let's go down from the cloud to the boy and confront him with that reality: maybe it's a good opportunity to mature.

Rules of game as counterpart to the motorcycle

If we agree to buy a motorcycle we have to make clear the rules of the game. A motorcycle is not a toy. We can reach an agreement with them to use it in the least dangerous places, that is, not to go out on the road with it or use it in the city.

Depending on the environment and environment, a motorcycle can be a very high percent of an accident or a relatively safe fun element if the driver is prudent and responsible. Other rules of the game could be: not carry "packages", use it until the lights go out, he buys gas, has to be careful and clean, only to use it when he goes with his hiking friends ...

Most likely, as soon as Grow the madness for the motorcycle. Realize the advantages of the car and sigh for one. So, maybe we can convince you now to forget that capricious idea of ​​the bike promising to help you buy a second-hand car (of those old but still work) as soon as he turns eighteen and gets his card. We probably have success.

On two wheels

Let's admit that riding a motorcycle is a marvel, but it's also sailing, hiking, ballooning, traveling ... and we're not doing it continuously. The most important thing is that if this discussion is generated at home, it is not a reason for discord and misunderstanding. It can be a fruitful moment for dialogue more with the children, to make people think, to offer alternatives and to decide, in common, without forgetting who the father is and who the son.

A motorcycle, why not?

1. Do not give in to the first moment. The motorcycle is not any gift. It is a matter to talk, and much, in family and with the family. It can also be a time to gain more confidence with the child.

2. At fourteen years, although it is allowed, we better not buy it. Not a moped. There is no reason at that age for the bike. Sixteen years is an appropriate age, if that is the case.

3. Strike back: * You will not like a good race bike, new, or a "mountain-bike" of those that take away the sense? "In addition, we must have the conviction that to enjoy nms with the bike, to do sport, to create Good habits of effort and will make better friends.

4. Another good idea: As it is about avoiding risk, we can ask the son to help him buy a second-hand car, one of those with more than ten years and very cheap but still give a good result, as soon as he turns eighteen. That way they are more secure, and we save ourselves one more worry about adolescence.

5. If you have decided that you should have a motorcycle, that he will win it in some way: that he saves, does jobs, waits some time more than planned, tries harder in studies, commits himself to ...

If you think that the motorcycle is not so dangerous in certain areas and situations (urbanizations, etc.) but yes in others, roads, for example, you can try to reach an agreement with it to use it in a certain area. Establish a game rules (if you impose them without more, you will surely skip them): do not go out on the road, you can only drive through the urbanization, do not take "package", you can take it until such time, etc.

Ignacio Iturbe
Advice:Lucía Herrero. Psychologist and family counselor

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