Activities with which to strengthen the bond between parents and adolescents

How important it is to maintain a good relationship at home. The bond between parents and children is something that must be built from the first years of life of the smallest and that must be maintained over time. Even during adolescence you have to fix this relationship paternal-subsidiary For this, nothing better than spending time together enjoying fun activities.

The age difference between parents and teenagers does not mean anything. Unicef ​​offers a complete list of activities that can be enjoyed by the family on a day-to-day basis and that will help to narrow the link In the home. A good response to the generational distancing that involves passing through these ages.

Alliances between adults and adolescents

Strengthen ties between teenagers and parents is a great idea for both. On the part of the young people, an approach to the adults will be obtained that will allow to have a support to which to ask doubts in this epoch marks by the uncertainty. On the part of adults, the children who are going through one of the most critical moments of their development will be understood.

A good idea in this sense is that adolescents write on a paper the image they have of their parents and the expectations they have of them. On the other hand, adults can do the same with what they expect from their children at these ages, highlighting the goals they would like to see fulfilled. In this way, they can put in common the demands that each of these family members have on the rest.

After the writing of these expectations, parents and adolescents will have to open a dialogue about them where they will have to ask why they expect these aspects in the other person. It is not necessary to focus the dialogue on the goals that are expected of the other, but rather on the origin of these desires and on the reflection how together you can work to achieve that goal.

Keys to keep in mind in these activities

There are many activities that can be used to fulfill the previous aspect, from a meeting around a table at dinners or lunches, until an afternoon of reflection around the aforementioned expectations. But in any case, from UNICEF we suggest a series of keys to take into account when developing these activities:

- Give an active role to teenagers. Do not think that adolescents are incapable, you have to try to get them involved in family routines.

- Involvement of parents. Do not keep in the background or in a passive role, parents should participate and work side by side with their children interested in their day to day.

- Work by asking. The days pass and the conceptions change. Taking an interest in the new points of view of adolescents will help them to understand them better.

- Be interested in the tastes of teenagers. Fashions change and it can be fun to be interested in the tastes of teenagers to better understand their generation. In addition, thanks to this decision, you can also think of new activities to participate with young people.

Damián Montero

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