Obligations of the preschool child, even the smallest have responsibilities

Growing means taking on new responsibilities. As people get older, more tasks should ensure that they comply and exercise correctly. Even the youngest of the house have to learn to respond to these obligations. Although the list is not as large as those of your older brothers or your parents, it does not mean that you do not have to carry them out.

To think that a child will not be able to respond to these responsibilities because of their age is a mistake. Preschoolers have enough capacity to meet these obligations. Of course, as psychologist Andrea García Cerdán explains, in each age these skills should be promoted in different ways.

Responsibility and duties

Being responsible means being autonomous. This ability allows people to self-manage and be able to respond to their duties by themselves. An aspect that must be worked from the younger ages of the child so that he can gain independence over the years. While there will be situations in which they will be helped, in others they will have to learn to function alone.

Even preschoolers already have responsibilities to fulfill. As has already been said, they can not be required to have the same level as their Older brothers, but this does not mean that they should not be asked for anything. These are some obligations that this psychologist recommends to give to the youngest of the house:

- Collect your toys, these items are your property and it is your duty to ensure that they are not broken and that they are saved. In opposite case could be left without them for breakage or loss of them.

- Simple hygiene like cleaning your teeth. Parents can accompany their preschoolers to give an example of how to do them.

- Clean what they dirty and collect what they have fallen.

- Do the tasks that have been sent to them at school, such as the completion of tokens or small jobs that must be done with other classmates.

As stated, the age of the child may make it necessary for parents to provide support or reminder in some situations. For example, do not allow children to watch TV if they have not fulfilled these responsibilities and make the saying "first obligation, then devotion" come true. As you appreciate more autonomy in your children, you have to raise attention and allow them to work without this support.

What the responsibilities report

Instilling responsibility in children not only ensures that the little ones comply with their obligations. Children will also benefit in other aspects of their lives, such as the following:

- More confidence. The child who sees that he is capable of managing his life will feel more confident when facing new challenges since he only depends on himself to achieve it.

- Better valuation of the rest. When others verify that children are capable of fulfilling their responsibilities, they will improve their assessment and take into account their presence for future projects.

- Improvement of one's perception. Children who see that they are capable of managing their own duties will have a better vision of themselves.

Damián Montero

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