How to get the artist that your child has inside

All children have a talent in which they stand out. In some cases it may seem that there is such a thing but in these situations the only thing that happens is that the field in which the little one develops with dexterity has not yet been discovered. Music, sports, plastic arts, computers, these are just some of the cases where children can shine.

You just have to wait to see where the child stands and where he can get that talent what's inside? Not everyone has to shine in the same area, there are many fields where they can excel. The work of the parents will be first of all to find this ground where their children are able to give their best and motivate them to stay inside.

How to discover talent?

First, before working on a talent, parents and children must discover which one the child has. From the Psychopedagogical Department of the San Clemente School, it is emphasized that the first step is patience. It is not easy to give the first one with the ground that motivates the child and where he demonstrates to have dexterity. There are several factors to consider in this field.

Not only is it enough for the child to demonstrate mastery of this field, one must also take into account the motivation that produces it. You have to think of these practices as a extracurricular activity and not as a means that is capable of becoming future employment to children or a means through which to achieve fame. In the first place, it is necessary to see what motivates the children and what they feel happy about.

These are some tips to find the talent where the child stands out and that motivates him to the maximum:

- Expose the child to music of different genres and check if he shows curiosity about how to perform it or only take it as a means to distract himself.

- Carry out outdoor activities, especially sports, so you can check if you show any skill in these activities.

- Work in crafts to see if the land where the child stands is of the plastic arts.

- Confront him with hobbies such as sudoku, word searches or puzzles to see if it is the intellectual terrain where the child stands out.

- Allow the child to accompany the parents in the kitchen to see if it is in the field of culinary arts where the talent of the children is produced.

- Organize small family theaters and see what capacity the child has to interpret these roles and if he can excel in the dramatic arts.

How to enhance this talent

Has it already been discovered in which terrain the child stands out and in which happier? Now it's time to strengthen this field and ensure that the child bets for it. Here are some tips for parents to motivate their children to stay ahead:

- Remember the commitment acquired. Parents should make their children see the importance of continuing to develop this talent, although they have start-up skills, we must work to enhance them and not lose them.

- Collaborate in these activities. Recitals of music groups, attend child theater recitals or sports tournaments where they participate, parents should get involved and make their children feel protected in this situation.

- Increase the challenge. Once a certain level has been reached in this activity, children should not settle for it. We must nurture the desire to excel and continue to overcome this challenge. Of course, without forgetting that the ultimate goal is to feel happy and fulfilled.

- Enhance the ability to receive criticism. The children must assimilate that the criticisms are not to make them feel bad, but rather so that they improve in some aspects where they find difficulties.

Damián Montero


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