How much does a nanny charge in Spain?

Before hiring a babysitter for your child, you should consider several factors. In addition to your experience, training and checking references, you need to agree on a price.

But how much is charged for caring for children? These are the average prices per hour nationally and in the main Spanish cities.

- A kangaroo charges an average per hour in Spain 7.44 euros. This price may vary slightly depending on the autonomous community or city in which you reside.

- According to the latest annual price report, prepared by Sitly, the average price of nannies in Spain is higher than in other European countries such as the Netherlands, Norway, Finland or Denmark. The insufficient conciliation measures for families and the high demand, explain this upward trend in prices in our country.

Families in northern Europe are the ones who pay less to pay a babysitter. Finnish parents pay an average of 5.55 euros to a nanny to take care of their children. Prices also affordable in other countries such as Denmark (5.74 euros per hour) or Holland (6.86 euros per hour).

What is the reason why prices are higher in our country? "Reconciling work and family life is, unfortunately, an impossible mission for many Spanish parents, the marathon days of work and the incompatibility with school schedules mean that many families have to seek extra help." In other European countries, there are still other conciliation measures still lacking in our country, this makes the demand for kangaroos and nannies is very high in Spain, which has led to a progressive increase in prices ", explains Patricia Adam, responsible for communication at Sitly.

The most expensive and cheapest cities in Spain to hire a babysitter

The flexible time offered by the option of a kangaroo at home is what leads many parents to decide on this alternative. Having a caregiver at home can be especially convenient from the economic point of view when dealing with several children.

The option of a shared babysitter is presented as a new savings formula for families, who can share the services of the same babysitter to distribute expenses.
The Spanish cities where the prices are higher are Barcelona (8.16), Bilbao (8.62) or San Sebastián where nannies charge an average price of 9.21 euros per hour.

In general, all cities mark prices according to local demand. So, cities like Ferrol (6.77) or Lugo (7.11), they are among the most economical.

How much does a nanny charge according to the autonomous community in which you reside

By autonomous communities, the Galician parents are the ones who have to make a lower expenditure when choosing a nanny. The average price in Galicia is 6.92 euros per hour.

Murcia and Cantabria are the second autonomous communities in which it is cheaper to hire a babysitter, with average prices in both regions of 7 euros per service hour.

Andalusia is the fourth cheapest community to have the services of a nanny, with an average price of 7.15 euros per hour. They are followed by the Valencian Community (7.22 € / hour), Extremadura (7.28 € / hour), La Rioja (7.34 € / hour) or Aragón (7.56 € / hour).

On the contrary, the most expensive caregivers are in Catalonia, with an average price of 8.16 euros. It is followed by Madrid with an average price of 7.96 euros, the community of Navarra (7.94 € / hour), the Basque Country (7.89 € / hour) and Castilla-La Mancha (7.72 € / hour).

Nanny bilingual or native, why are they more expensive?

The demand for bilingual kangaroos or with a high level of competence in another language has increased considerably in recent years. Most parents opt for this alternative because of the multiple benefits of bilingualism for their children. The introduction of the bilingual education system in most Spanish schools has the demand fired of this type of profiles.

The possibility of learning a language in a playful way, in real communication situations, means that families find a bonus in this type of kangaroos. The price increase has also been parallel to the demand.

The price of a bilingual babysitter or native can overcome in most cases the 10 euros per hour In our country.


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