The month of birth could mark the onset of chronic diseases

The best way to treat a disease is its prevention. But the appearance of these can not always be avoided, as in the case of genetic diseases, in these cases it is only necessary to start treatment against them as soon as possible. Is there any formula to gather information about them even before the baby is born?

According to a study conducted by the Department of Community Nursing, Preventive Medicine, Public Health and History of Science, University of Alicante The month of birth can be a clue about the presence of chronic diseases in babies. A formula to anticipate the appearance of these health problems in adulthood.

Diseases and month of birth

For this study we took into account the data of a population of 29,478 people. After analyzing the diseases developed by these individuals and the month in which they were born, a risk pattern was observed. These associations were more significant and occurred with greater magnitude in males than in females.

An example was discovering that those males born in the month of February had a higher risk of developing Heart problems and osteoarthritis, in the case of women (also has a high risk in the case of men). Specifically, this is the relationship between chronic diseases and delivery date found by this work:


- Men: stomach ulcers, chronic back pain and constipation problems.

- Women: migraines and greater possibility of attacks on the croazon.


- Men: alterations in the thyroid gland, risk of heart disease, osteoarthritis, back pain and constipation.

- Women: thyroid problems, osteoarthritis and high risk of blood vessel clots.


- Men: cataracts, risk of heart disease and asthma.

- Women: rheumatism, constipation problems and arthritis.


- Men: asthma, osteoporosis and thyroid problems.

- Women: tumors, bronchitis and osteoporosis.


- Men: predisposition to depression, asthma and diabetes.

- Woman: permanent allergies, osteoporosis and constipation.


- Men: cataracts, bronchitis and heart problems.

- Women: arthritis, rheumatism and incontinence.


- Men: arthritis, asthma and tumors.

- Women: permanent sore throat, asthma and lumps.


- Men: asthma, osteoporosis and thyroid problems.

- Women: difficulties of coagulation, rheumatism and arthritis.


- Man: thyroid problems, asthma and osteoporosis.

- Women: osteoporosis, allergies and tumors.


- Men: thyroid problems, migraines and osteoporosis.

- Women: osteoporosis, cholesterol and anemia.


- Men: skin problems, heart conditions and thyroid problems.

- Women: higher probability of heart attacks, constipation and varicose veins.


- Men cataracts, predisposition to depression and heart problems.

- Women: bronchitis, asthma and coagulation problems.

Damián Montero

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