First dishes: rules of good eating

Although asparagus, toast, seafood and many other tasty recipes are common in our diet, the truth is that not everyone knows the most elegant way to sink their teeth. Education at the table is one of the first things we try to teach children. We start with the first courses, spoon or fork?

First dishes, how do they eat?

Soups and consommés
They are always taken with a spoon, except for the final part, which we can drink directly from the cup. If he stumbles, we'll hunt them with the spoon. If it is larger or harder pieces, we should leave them in the cup or plate, and never resort to the knife or the fork. When finished, we will leave the spoon inside the plate or on the saucer of the cup, but never inside it.

We will never use the knife to eat them. It is only permissible to use the fork and, if they are very long pieces without cutting, make helped rolls of the spoon. We should never sip them, and we should also avoid too large rolls, so that they fit in our mouths.

In petit committee, we can take the piece with one hand, but the right thing to do is to use the knife and the fork.

It is always eaten with a fork, except when it is broth, that we can use the spoon. It is served on a flat plate, except for the paella, which can be taken directly from the paella pan. Among the diners are imaginary axes that converge in the center of the paellera, in such a way that each diner has his "rea", which he eats. The ideal is to use wooden cutlery, because they do not transmit the heat. We should not season the paella with lemon, because we masked its flavor.

They are always eaten with a fork or spoon, and we should never use the knife with them. The egg passed through water is taken out of the egg cup, we give the tip a few taps with the spoon and extract the contents with the spoon. We can make "boats" with the bread, as long as they are small pieces and we take them out with the spoon, not with our fingers.

The fried egg is also eaten with the fork, but we should not dip the bread or potatoes in the yolk unless we are in confidence. In this case, we will do it by pinching them with the fork, but never wetting it directly with your fingers.

Teresa García-Morato
Advice: Benigno Sáez Y Antonio Crespillo

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