The ability to get excited

"The illusion is a way of life of certain people: they are those men and women who, in a habitual way, find daily reasons to get excited, to make each working day a holiday.

They are usually called people from cheerful temperament, and part of that joy comes from their ability to get excited, either for a walk or the color of flowers, it does not matter, because each of these expressions of joy corresponds to a basic attitude of living your own life, of those people of "sparkling", of refreshing youth, which leads them to find, in what another perhaps sees the monotonous repetition of an act, an occasion to enjoy life. We would all like to make our life an illusioned existence. The goal is difficult, but being surrounded by a certain habit of magic and utopia, it becomes extremely appetizing. "

The art of living excited

The appointment is long, but it's worth it. It is from Miguel Angel Martí that, in his brilliant essay on illusion -The Illusion, EUNSA, Pamplona 1993-, encourages us to strive to live excited, freed from vulgar expositions, vital fatigue and monotonous disenchantment.
The illusion is present in the most varied areas of our life, illuminating it and filling it with joy.

We all want to learn from those people with a hopeful life, from those people, Martí continues: "that they have found, perhaps without knowing it, the art of living, and that they express it in the living language of their eyes, in the freshness of his smile, in those oblivions of what for many people is the central theme of their conversations: illnesses, accidents, high cost of living, the ingratitude of young people ... and a long litany of dark tones and sad musicalities, in those forgetfulness-we said-that are so grateful and that help us to open our eyes to open spaces, refreshing as the light that illuminates them. It takes energy, greatness of mind and finesse of spirit to make life more than a product in bulk wrapped in newspaper and sometimes on the page of the obituaries.

We may not always get it, but we should bet on this type of life, it seems to me a requirement of our condition as men; that yes, it is understood, after having overcome the false idealisms and the immature approaches ".

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