Emotional education makes them more self-confident

Emotional intelligence has become the cornerstone of current educational innovation because it has been proven that emotionally intelligent people have more social skills and are more successful in life.

Today we know that the identification and control of our own emotions are fundamental weapons to make the right decisions at every moment, thanks to the confidence we have in our own abilities.

Because emotional intelligence is not always innate in people and must be worked on from childhood, the school CEU San Pablo Montepríncipe call next Saturday, May 12 to a very special event: Farm of Emotions 2018, a fun and practical emotional management workshops for the future of your children where you will discover how your emotions draw the life of your children.

This event focuses on the importance of emotional education in the classroom and at home, and how it allows children to develop fundamental skills for their growth, such as self-confidence, the ability to make decisions (adapted to each age, obviously), the advantage of developing optimism in life while remaining objective to identify the real problems they will face *

In short, emotional intelligence is the focus of the program Leaders with Heart, which has launched the school CEU San Pablo Montepríncipe, and led by the doctor in Psicopedagogía Nélida Pérez.

Educate with a good foundation in emotional intelligence

The way to grow with a good foundation in emotional intelligence is to work, from small, the language from three perspectives. First of all, we have to work on the language of the mind, which focuses on the value of the experience that brings us both the body of knowledge that we have been acquiring throughout life and our own experiences.

Secondly, the language of the heart is of particular relevance, which is worked through education in values, which are acquired both in school and within the family. And finally, language of the hands, which is based on the own actions and skills that will be the materialization of all the above: the positive transformation of society.

A leader with a heart in an ultra competitive environment

The program Leaders with Heart for the Infant and Primary stages, it focuses on a new concept of CEU Leaders based on the leadership of their own life, making children capable of making decisions, generous, courageous, autonomous and participatory, thanks to the 7 basic pillars that develop this program: bilingualism (beyond language learning), emotional education, TBL (learning based on thinking), communication skills and development of oratory, promotion of autonomy and personal responsibility, development of STEM competencies and a complete program of infant psychomotricity.

All this so that our "leaders with hearts" acquire the skills, knowledge and values ​​necessary from an early age through the Leadership School for leaders with CEU values. In addition, in this workshop, parents can know their level of emotional intelligence by performing a simple test on management and identification of emotions. Do not miss the appointment. We wait for you on next saturday May 12 at school CEU San Pablo Montepríncipe.

Video: The skill of self confidence | Dr. Ivan Joseph | TEDxRyersonU

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