A controversial issue

The husband worked in a multinational with different factories in the same country. After several years of demonstrating his competence in his city of residence, he received a proposal from the management to move to another city in which the situation of the factory claimed the presence of a man with the human and professional profile of our protagonist .. .

After presenting the offer, which involved a professional and economic promotion, the director - a man with experience of humane treatment - made reference to him to study it calmly, setting a deadline for the answer. At the end of the conversation he did not forget to add: "Maybe you should ponder this topic with your wife".

After a week, our friend had made the decision. It was negative. When his boss tried to know the reasons, to facilitate the conversation he allowed himself to insinuate: "Is your wife the one who does not want?". - "No way," he exclaimed.

Sublime decision

It was then that the confidence emerged meekly and peacefully: "Look, my wife did her career very brilliantly. As soon as we finished, we got married and started having children. In ten years we had six. Since then, he did nothing but take care of them. It is now when, for the first time, everyone goes to school and has a little more slack. She has returned to make contact with the department of the faculty in which she had collaborated in the degree and is willing to do the doctorate. You will understand that I could not make her share this decision. I know myself well enough to realize that if she had put a dent in the transfer, I would have disliked her. And if - as I suppose - her answer would have been that she was willing to go with me wherever she went, she would not have forgiven me for having broken her professional project ".

The boss, who went from amazement to amazement, could not help but exclaim: "You have made me Easter, because I was counting on you to solve my problem, but I take my hat off at the decision you have made."

Controversial topic

So far the story, which could well serve as an introduction to this comment today on the work of women. Because I know the controversy that usually raised this issue, I assume the risk of addressing it in very few words when they have run tons of ink on the issue.

In no way do I attempt to delve minimally into the multitude of approaches suggested by this topic, nor in each of the consequences that can be deduced according to the perspective with which we approach. What I will not get tired of is to insist on this idea: Each couple has to design their project in light of what a person means and according to the end of their existence. The rest are refried.

I am aware of the importance of the matter. Nothing less is at stake all the culture of postmodernity in which we are pending to find a clear way out.

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