The influence of the family on academic success helps your child get the most out of it

The family is a core formed by many members who present influence some on others. Knowing how to take advantage of this positive influence will result in great benefits for each person in the household, a good example is school grades. Even in school success, the interaction of different relatives can be used to achieve better results.

This is demonstrated by psychologists Claudia Romagnoli and Isidora Cortese, who give several clues about how the family can influence the academic success of children. Some keys on how to increase the possibility that good grades are the result of students and achieve maximum performance at school level by the little ones.

Implication and interest

Both Romagnoli and Cortese realize the importance of the involvement of parents in the school life of their children. Those cases where there is a more participation on the part of the parents a greater scholastic success takes place than those homes where the attitudes of the parents are more passive. Family interest is one of the most important factors in the academic performance of children.

The implication of parents can be done in different ways: asking about the work that children do different subjects, showing interest in their school progress, or conversations about the importance of education. It is important that children understand the need for good grades and that their parents support them, while also being interested in possible problems in this field. In this way you can get a positive attitude of children towards the studies.

Another formula to get involved is to participate actively in the school activities. Parents can offer themselves as volunteer monitors who take care of children on field trips and offer their help in the organization of extracurricular activities organized by the school. You can also enter this world by attending tutorials and holding meetings regularly to better know the teachers and jointly establish study strategies to enhance the virtues and solve the errors.

Transmit trust

Another aspect to take into account is to transmit confidence to the little ones. If parents believe that their children are able to get the results In their expectations and to make children see this vision, it is key for the students themselves to strive to learn more and obtain better academic results.

It is essential that parents trust in the skills of their children and believe that they are able to learn and have good results in their school life. When the family values ​​the efforts and achievements obtained thanks to them, it is recognizing their special talents and encourages children to move forward. At the same time, a positive perception about their own abilities is also developed.

Of course, it is not about inventing achievements for to motivate, but to be attentive to what children do well and look at those areas in which they are progressing. The answer that a father of the failure of his son, will invite him to want to overcome them and have a greater willingness to try again and overcome this obstacle.

The importance of the environment

The home, next to the library and the school, is the place where the child will develop his academic life. This means that parents must take care to create a great environment in this sense:

- Space for the study. Parents will have to ensure an environment conducive to study, calmly and away from noise. Distractions must also be kept away so that attention is focused on school obligations.

- Availability of materials. Books, folios, etc. Parents must ensure that all material needs of the children are resolved to obtain the maximum result.

Damián Montero

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