Parents are more concerned with sex than violence in the cinema

The movie theater It is one of the elements present in everyone's life. In fact, the so-called seventh art has a strong influence on the development of children since it is a value transmitting instrument. The small ones are exposed to a multitude of contents and not all of them are good for the minors, what are the parents' most worrying?

A study conducted by Classification and Rating Administration, an entity dedicated to the classification of contents by age based on the material it contains, shows that parents show greater concern for the presence of sexual scenes than violence in the movie theater.

Nudes, drugs and violence

This study showed that the first concern of parents is that their children could see in the film that they see a full male nude (72%), the second point was the use of hard drugs by the protagonists (70%, same percentage as complete female nudity), and thirdly marijuana (59% of the participants).

Some results that specialists relate to the presence of violence in children's daily lives and that is often not taken into account. It is not uncommon to see raw scenes like a burning car or some people fighting in the informative. On the contrary, it is more rare to see a nude in the news, so it causes more surprise to see that a child is in the presence of one of them when watching a movie.

Other theories such as the one collected by the magazine TIME he points out that the concern for sexual content arises from the reduction of parental influence as his children grow up. Adolescents show a greater interest in these relationships, so many parents prefer to avoid exposure to these materials with the intention of preventing this curiosity.

How to recognize suitable contents?

The concern for the content your children see is nothing new. How to recognize those that are suitable for the smallest? The Pan-European Games Information System, PEGI, helps parents to have a brief summary of what is being offered to children in movies, series or video games.

The PEGI labels indicate each of the following age levels: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. This information indicates the suitability of the content of the game for the protection of minors:

- PEGI 3. The content is considered suitable for all age groups.

- PEGI 7. Content that would normally be classified within 3 but that contain material that may scare children.

- PEGI 12. Products that show violence. Also content with foul language must be smooth without falling into sexual swearwords.

- PEGI 16. Presence of more coarse language and presence of elements such as tobacco and drugs and representation of criminal activities.

- PEGI 18. Level of violence reaches such a level that it becomes a representation of brutal aggressions.

Damián Montero

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