5 sports to improve the psychomotor skills of children

Have you ever thought about how you take a simple pen or how you can eat with a knife and fork? The psychomotor, the ability of the nervous system to produce the contraction of a muscle properly, is probably the most important competence to achieve by the smallest in their first years of life.

Physical exercise and sports are two of the fundamental tools to achieve a good psychomotor development among children, but do you know the best sports to develop the psychomotor of your children?

"Improving the psychomotor skills of children through different exercises such as cutting, painting, drawing and of course through sports is one of the first objectives of childhood," says Miguel Angel Lopez, head of the Department of Education Primary Physics at Brains International School La Moraleja. "A poor development of these skills could trigger uncontrolled movements, coordination difficulties, limited reach or reduced strength", concludes the professor.

The sports offer for the little ones is very broad, so choosing the most appropriate option to develop the psychomotor skills of the youngest is the most complicated issue. Although all physical exercise increases motor skills, there are certain sports practices that develop certain skills better. However, below we leave you five sports with which you will never fail.

5 sports to improve the psychomotor skills of children

1. Predeporte. At the earliest ages of childhood, it can be difficult to introduce younger children to the complex rules of a sport. In these cases, the predeporte or pre-sports game allows the little ones to develop their psychomotor skills through fun games. In this way, children will learn to see sport as something fun while improving their motor skills.

2. Swimming. It is the most recommended sport by pediatricians and doctors. The reason is simple, almost all muscles of the body are activated when we are in the water. It also helps improve breathing control, increases the strength and endurance of children.

3. Football. The king sport is also a good ally to develop the psychomotor skills of the little ones. Teamwork, the feeling of belonging to a group and coordination are values ​​that are learned playing this sport. Its physical benefits are related to improving coordination and increasing physical endurance.

4. Basketball It allows children to develop many skills, among which speed, concentration and balance stand out. In the same way as football, it helps the little ones to relate and to learn what it means to play as a team.

5. Judo. Although less practiced than the previous ones, it is a traditional sport in which the basic skills and abilities of our children are developed. They learn to control their body and emotions as well as, through contact and play, to respect their peers.

"When it comes to choosing the best sport for the little ones, it is fundamental to take into account their tastes and hobbies, we must never impose on a child the performance of a certain sport practice, since the rejection of the youngest ones towards the same will be encouraged. "concludes Miguel Ángel López.

Advice: Miguel Ángel López, head of the Department of Physical Education of Primary School at Brains International School La Moraleja

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