Introverted children, how to know them better and help them

The development of a child is complicated. There is no linear path and of course, sometimes problems appear that can make life difficult for the little ones. An example is the introversion that can put obstacles in the social field of children. Can parents do something to help in these situations? Is there any way to avoid this confinement in your particular world?

From the Hilari-Baldó Psychology Center a series of tips are given so that parents can get to know their children better introverts. A guide for the little ones to understand that although their personal space is something important and that they should protect, there is also a need to develop socially and share moments with friends, family and other colleagues.

Shyness or introversion?

A very common mistake is to confuse the shy child with the introvert. The specialists of this center point out that shyness is a real problem to work since it supposes a barrier that prevents the minor from being carried out. The fear of criticism or what they think will make the little ones do not dare to practice some activities or to show their entire personality in front of friends.

On the other hand, introverted children do not usually present these problems of self-esteem or fear of social rejection. They find enjoyment in activities they can do alone and in their personal space. In this way, these little ones do not develop social level, they feel the need to have to talk so much with others or having to interact so often with their peers.

Once the difference between shyness and introversion is understood, different aspects will have to be worked on to help the children. For the former it is necessary to work on their self-esteem and improve their confidence so that they do not feel this fear of being like them. At second case, you have to teach the fun that comes with enjoying activities with your classmates.

Do not force the children

As has already been said, introversion is another aspect within the personality of the kids. We must accept that this character will not be similar to other more extroverted minors and understand that the benefits of these situations. For example, these people tend to be more reflective and calm than the rest. Two qualities to consider.

What parents should not allow is that introverted children simply find pleasure in their personal space. You have to teach to distribute time and devote all the attention you deserve. A good idea to start is encourage to the children to play with their brothers so they can expand this circle. Another tip is to write them down in courses that involve interaction with others of your age.

While it is good to enjoy your own personal space, you also have to share time with others to develop other aspects. For example, the capacity for teamwork can be hampered by the introversion of children, who prefer to work alone than in a group. This, in the long run, can be a problem in their jobs.

Nor should we overprotect children, although we must understand the personality of the smallest, do not avoid situations where they feel uncomfortable. Children should not be forced to stay with partners, but neither should they be prevented from leaving their comfort zone. Excursions with the school, group tasks, invitations to birthdays, all these scenarios can help to understand the benefits of the time shared with others.

Damián Montero

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