10 measures to assume and make real the conciliation

Four syllables, 12 letters and a goal to fulfill. This is how conciliation, a goal to which many homes aspire so that parents can develop their jobs, without neglecting the upbringing of their children. But how to get it? Fortunately for families, there are many organizations that claim this matter, among them the National Commission for the Rationalization of Timetables, ARHOE.

On the occasion of the day of March 23, Conciliation Day of family, personal and labor life and co-responsibility, ARHOE addressed several of these issues and published a manifesto to reach a "firm commitment that translates into real measures". A decalogue with measures that end with all the agents involved with this issue assuming their role and achieving this objective.

Decalogue for conciliation

These are the measures proposed by ARHOE to achieve the desired conciliation:

- The reconciliation of work, family and personal life should be understood as a right of people, men and women, 365 days a year.

- The modification of the traditional roles of women and men, regarding their involvement in family, home and work, is essential to build a new organization of the social and economic system, where women and men can make the different facets compatible of his life: employment, family, leisure and personal time.

- The measures of conciliation and social co-responsibility contribute, therefore, to effective equality between women and men.

- The reconciliation of family, work and personal life allows building a society based on the quality of life of working people, improving business competitiveness and economic performance.

- The measures of rationalization and flexibility of times and workspaces are one of the most effective human resource management tools to promote conciliation and co-responsibility.

- Reconciling is not working less, but working better. A motivated workforce generates a good work environment and well-being in the workers, greater performance and positively affects the business results.

- The policies of rationalization of schedules that lead to conciliation and equality between women and men allow to increase productivity and improve the image of companies.

- It is necessary to work at home on the idea of ​​"family team", since family and domestic responsibilities between men and women are everyone's task.

- It is essential to incorporate into collective bargaining strategies that allow the reconciliation of family, work and personal life.

- The Administration and companies should promote measures to end the gender wage gap.

Damián Montero

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