More training and less information, the proposal of the Family Forum

The theory is only the previous step to practice. In the data that is being found, the instructions that must be followed when the real one arrives are indicated. challenge. In the case of paternity, the knowledge transmitted in this sense is not few: books with instructions, advice from friends and family, etc. But are all this compendium of information useful at all?

While there is no denying the importance of this information, we must remember that the practice always helps to know more about the reality that someone is going to face. For this reason, from the Family Forum It is recommended to bet on the training of future parents through professionals and experts in the reality they live, or live in the case of first-timers, so they are aware of the path they are going to undertake.

Importance of reflection

From this entity it is explained that currently lives in the time of the "immediate communications"Everything is at our fingertips, an authentic cultural revolution to which families are not strangers." With a quick search in an Internet search engine, any possible doubt that appears in the minds of the parents is "resolved."

It is true that in these search engines you can find certain useful answers, but does anyone stop to think about them? Each case is a world and at the height of the immediacy many families do not devote the necessary time to the immediacy to assimilate the necessary information. There are many opinions that can be found for the same case, but how many of them are based on proven evidence?

Therefore, it is proposed to leave aside this high consumption of information and betting on more training for parents. Make the criterion of them grow and learn to question whether all these data they find with the snap of a finger is useful or there is a second way to solve the problem. And who should lead this change of prism?

Family Forum points out the importance that experts can have in different fields. Pediatricians Psychologists and other personalities can help parents before a blog that evidences a lack of evidence in which to sustain their data. Other relatives who have already experienced what it means to be parents can also provide a good lesson about the values ​​to instill in their children.

The parents are the ones who decide

While relatives who have already experienced the paternity They can provide an interesting point of view, it is the parents who decide. Practice makes perfect, so the rest of the family must take these aspects into account:

- Complementary roles. The relative who supports must bear in mind that the children are not theirs and that therefore the model that has been taken may not agree completely with their point of view. They can give their opinion, but not impose it.

- No comparisons. You can give an opinion, but not compare. What has worked in one case does not have to be repeated. It is important to remember the importance of training against information. A loose piece of information does not help, you have to understand the context of each family.

- Follow the rules. No, uncles and grandparents are not to spoil the nephews or grandchildren. To be opposed to the opinion of the parents will only confuse the children. The chosen model must be respected and, when the care of the children is entrusted to them, follow the previously exposed rules.

Damián Montero

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