Choose your baby's clothes: comfortable and happy from head to toe

During pregnancy, we worry about preparing the baby's basket. Now that the months have passed, we realize that buying new clothes has become an imperative. But what materials are best suited for our child's delicate skin? Not all are equal and neither is the comfort they provide to the child. The baby's clothes will have to be, above all, baggy in a way that allows him to move freely.

One of the keys when choosing baby clothes is their composition. Garments made with soft and 100% natural materials must always be the stars in our son's wardrobe. So in underwear, the softness of cotton, for example, will be the most advisable if we want to avoid annoying rashes and irritations.

These are the best features of your baby's clothes

- Little bit. Our child's measurements will change quickly. From its birth to two or three months we will see different sizes before us. Therefore it is better not to buy excessive equipment because we would not take advantage of it.

- Good. The clothes that will be in direct contact with the skin of our baby will have to have a natural composition and be of good quality. Only then can we be completely sure that no rashes or allergies will appear.

- Practical At these ages, dressing and undressing your baby is a routine that you will repeat constantly throughout the day. Therefore, that the baby's clothes are practical and manageable is a requirement that we must always mark in the acquisition.

- Beautiful. There is nothing more pleasant than a well-dressed baby. Elegance and good looks do not necessarily have to be at odds with quality and manageability.

- Comfortable. Baby clothes should be first and foremost comfortable. Only then can we make sure that it will not hinder his movements or make him feel upset.

Tips to dress your baby

1. On cold days we will choose the whole monkey to dress the baby as long as our child is small. On the other hand, if it is a little older we will opt for the three quarters combined with a hat or executioner if it is windy.

2. The whole pajamas they guarantee that the child does not stay cold all night. Of course, we will have to pay special attention to the size as too small a garment could terribly disturb the baby, even preventing you from falling asleep.

3. When buying a coat, You can choose those that contain synthetic fibers. Of course, provided they are in the tissue in a relatively small percentage.

4. Lengthen the life of a garment It is as simple as following the washing and ironing instructions that are attached on the labels. In case these do not appear or that the explanations are not clear enough better give up the purchase.

All the clothes you buy for your baby should have an informative label that indicates the exact composition of the fabric and you should always take a look at it. A garment that looked like cotton could bring some mixture, and even more knowing that the current legislation admits the denomination of 100% cotton also for fabrics that have 80% cotton and 20% fiber.

Your baby's underwear

In this sense, the bodys that are fastened by the bottom are the most appropriate. Not only do they allow diapers to be changed more easily, but they also prevent the children from cooling down when they uncover their sleeves or sides.

The socks will also have to be made with natural materials (cotton or wool depending on the time of year). Remember that these garments, like the bodys, are always in direct contact with the skin of the child so it is essential to exercise caution when purchasing them.

When choosing socks, choose between those that are above the ankle or those that are below the knee. The important thing, in any case is that they wear a flexible elastic and that they lack uncomfortable seams.

The leotards are another option that we should not despise. As with socks, we will try to choose those whose composition is as natural as possible. Regarding the size, in all cases, we will try to choose the exact one because, by excess or default, we could fall into the unsightly wrinkles or the incorrect movement of the toes of our little one.

Shoes of your size for each stage

We will always put good shoes on your socks or tights. The material: skin or leather, of course. The soles always slip and depending on the use that we will give leather or rubber.

To choose the most suitable last we will always resort to specialized stores. There they will provide us with a meter with which we can find out the exact length and width of our baby's foot.

When we know your size we will try to choose the most comfortable model. If we buy some boots, that these do not make chafing and that therefore they do not have in their interior arc plantar.

At each age, an option

The rest of the clothes, we will choose it following practically the same criteria: naturalness and absolute comfort. The best options at these ages are the tracksuit (made of cotton and with elastic at the ankles) and the bibs (with suspenders that allow to extend it a few seasons).

If we prefer pants or skirts we will choose those that have rubber band. Until our child reaches the age of three will not begin to be defined waist, so in the meantime, we need a little help to attach to your body certain clothes.

Cotton, flannel or silk shirts and jerseys made of natural fabrics. It is true that your clothes, not having a mixture of any kind, will take a little longer to dry but our wait will be compensated: our child will not suffer from any scouring or annoying irritations. And, is there something more beautiful than the smile of a happy baby? Surely not.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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