First Father, how does a man prepare for the arrival of his son?

The arrival of a child is one of the best news that can occur in a home. No wonder, people's lives change with the arrival of a new member. An alteration that is especially noticeable the first time a couple finds out that they will be parents. Therefore, it is the norm that many doubts appear that a priori seems to have no answer.

Doubts that do not escape men, figure that over time has been integrated more into the care of children. How can a future be prepared father before the arrival of a baby? From the Nemours Foundation It offers a series of tips so that first-timers can find an answer to the possible doubts that arise in first-time parents.

Everything can be learned

No one is born knowing how look after of a baby, neither mother nor father, that's why there are childbirth classes. If a man has doubts about whether he will be a good father, it is best to go to these courses to be able to know the different skills needed to take care of the children. From changing diapers, holding children, feeding and belching, putting them to bed, installing car safety seats and putting the house to the test of all risk

In these classes too it will be known to other men who experience the same experience of facing fatherhood for the first time and experience similar feelings, which can be very helpful in being able to share this situation. A way to lose the shame and ask any doubt that goes through the head of the father, you just have to ask them.

It is also important to know that man will not be alone. The same couple, grandparents and other relatives may offer help during preparation for parenthood and even. The Nemours Foundation recommends taking paternity as another process in life, which although it is difficult to adapt, is worthwhile to enjoy. As in any other process, you just have to learn and gradually become the father who deserves every child.

The economic needs

Another problem that can make men doubt if they will be good parents is the appearance economic. Bringing a child to the world is a big investment and several expenses. Can this challenge be faced by the home? The answer is yes, you just have to sit down and plan the costs that the family currently has and how to reinvest them in what the baby needs.

In fact during the 9 months During the pregnancy period, a bank account can be opened to which regular amounts of money are allocated in order to defray the expenses for the moment of birth, as well as those that will have to be met once you are already at home. This fund can also be maintained even during the school stage.

In short, the Nemours Foundation proposes the dialogue as a solution to any doubt that may arise in the face of future fatherhood. Men should not be afraid to share what disturbs them with their partner, relatives, friends or teachers of childbirth classes. Any question is better done and answered during pregnancy than once the child arrives in this world.

Damián Montero

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