Change of schedule, how is the sleep of the children altered?

There are two very delicate moments for everyone's rest throughout the year. The hour changes They are presented as a measure to make more efficient use of sunlight hours. A measure that goes back to dates back to 1784 when Benjamin Franklin, he sent a letter to the newspaper Le Journal in Paris where he included some measures for energy saving, among which it was postulated in question.

Some question whether this measure makes any sense today. But what does not support debate is that in the first days after making the time change, everyone in the home suffer a mess of their sleep schedules. Why is it produced? Is there any way to suffer less these consequences? From the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP, these tips are offered.

Change of time in children

Children do not escape the consequences of the change of time. From AEP explain that in fact the smallest are, along with the elderly, one of the age groups most sensitive to these messes of sleep. The human body reacts in this way due to its schedule regulator, in the center of the brain and regulated by sunlight and environmental stimuli, including food and physical activity.

This regulator affects the levels of hormones and the whole body, so, by changing the rhythm of the external light, you can become disoriented and that is just what happens with the time changes. This internal mechanism is operative from 5-6 months of age and has its best ally in breastfeeding, so that in infants, the mother's breast is a great ally to contain a greater amount of the hormone that facilitates the dream, improving the regulation of this system.

Not just rest it looks altered due to the time change, other aspects of the child's life are also influenced by this issue: changes in appetite, irritability, small alterations in cardiovascular rhythm. The environment also has a great influence in overcoming these effects that can make the difference between a short period of time or an extension for weeks.

Prevent the effects

From AEP, a series of guidelines are given in order to reduce the consequences that has the time change in the routines of the little ones:

- Start the changes little by little. As much as possible, a week before, you can advance all the activities of the child in 10-15 minutes to make the transition smoother with the change of time

- Encourage the entrance of natural light at the time of raising children, including lighting the room 15 minutes before waking them up.

- Have breakfast in a bright room.

- Bet on nuts such as walnuts because they favor the regulation of the circadian rhythm, especially recommended for breakfast.

- Go to the school walking, as far as possible, to take advantage of sunlight and stimulate serotonin.

- Avoid exposure to the screens one hour before bedtime.

Damián Montero

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