Activities with which to welcome spring

The spring, a new season with which the good weather begins and characterized by the return of the colorful floral mantle. Although, the saying reminds us that "in April, a thousand waters", it can not be denied that the longer days and the increase in daylight hours, together with a greater presence of the sun on a daily basis, invite not to stay at home and do a multitude of activities.

For this reason, we propose several activities with which to welcome the spring and enjoy the beginning of this season in which the green returns and the flowers are again present. An opportunity, at the same time, to connect with your family and live great experiences together.

What to do in spring

Spring is here and there are many options you can do at home to take advantage of this season has already arrived:


What better way to see the results of spring than a field trip? There the little ones can see for themselves how the landscape is much more florid than before and also enjoy a fantastic day in which they will move and exercise.

Walk through the park.

If for work or other responsibilities it is difficult to make a field trip, there is always the option of the park. There, the little ones will be able to compare the state of the trees in autumn and winter with the one they have now and see that they have now flowered again. An idea that also improves the attention of children, who can look at how some animals return from their migration with the arrival of a better time.

Holy Week Steps.

In the 2018 calendar, the beginning of spring coincided with Palm Sunday in the same week. Why not take advantage to go out and enjoy one of the oldest traditions in Spain?

Visit a school farm.

Like the countryside, these centers allow children to get to know the rural sphere. A way to know other ways of life and celebrate the arrival of spring in these places where nature is so important.

Life away from home.

The bad weather may have caused the family to decide to stay at home. Now, with the increase of hours of light and the best time, we must try to escape from the 4 walls of the house and make life outside. Leaving the screens and taking the air is an excellent idea, even if you only go to buy bread at a place near home.

Bicycle routes.

Good weather? Take out the bicycles from where they are stored, check that everything is fine and organize routes, whether by a natural environment or in the urban environment. In any of these places you can see how the landscape changes: the trees recover their leaves, the flowers show their color. A perfect environment to continue with these activities.

Damián Montero

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