This is the new Bugaboo Fox, is there anything better?

Did you know that 20 years have passed between the beloved Bugaboo Cameleon and the new Bugaboo Fox? During this time the revolutionary Dutch mobility brand Bugaboo has advanced a lot in knowledge of intelligent design to create the most complete stroller which today personalizes the new Bugaboo Fox.

If the Cameleon could move it with a finger,Be prepared to try the Fox! It has an advanced suspension system on all its wheels for a smoother and more stable ride for your child bumps and steps like those on the sidewalks. In driving it is also noticeable. The new Bugaboo Fox is driven without any effort, even when we need to turn corners or move through small spaces.

And if someone asks how the Bugaboo Fox will behave when we want to put it in the trunk of the car or to load it when climbing stairs, this brand also has an answer. Thanks to its manufacture with materials that do not weigh, its folded in one piece and to which it is held on foot it is possible to store it in a small space at home and take it in the car.

Bugaboo Fox, designed to last

One more step in the philosophy of Bugaboo for your strollers to resist and last for more than one child has been that the Bugaboo Fox It has separated the structural parts of the stroller from the parts that experience more wear and tear due to its use. This makes it easier to review and maintain. While the chassis is made to last as long as possible, the replaceable parts are made of recycled materials or materials that can be recycled once used. Bugaboo has made a conscious choice of the materials used. An example of this is the Bugaboo Fox fabrics. The core color range has been manufactured from 92 recycled PET bottles.

Also, if with the arrival of another baby, you want to see a different stroller, choose to mix and match with the wide variety of fabrics and colors of the Core, Premium and Signature Collections. You will manage to create a completely new look!

Easier day to day with the new Bugaboo Fox

The Bugaboo Fox He also thinks of us as parents and also takes care of our backs. So that it does not hurt, with the new Bugaboo Fox you will not have to bend over because the chair is placed at the ideal height to catch your son and put him back in the stroller. In addition, you can go out with your child in sports or with heels or boots because the foot brake is activated with a simple click, proof of any type of footwear. In addition, it comes with a large easy-access shopping basket, to carry everything you need. Come and try it! It's the best of Bugaboo!

Video: Compare the Bugaboo Fox vs UPPAbaby Vista strollers!

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