Calligraphy in children, how to improve the quality of the lyrics?

Thanks to writing, we can record multiple issues, from a diary where we can record our experiences, to a Mathematics exercise where the resolution of a problem is reflected. However, sometimes what is expressed in the paper is unintelligible because of a bad calligraphy. An aspect that luckily can be worked on.

Like many aspects of life, great results are obtained through practice. There are many exercises to improve the calligraphy in children and some capacities that, if improved, the quality of the lyrics also grows. These are some tips that are given by the Nemours Foundation for this purpose and that can be of great help for this purpose.


The writing does not cease to be the embodiment of a thought on paper. The child has an idea in his mind, be it a letter or a mathematical operation, and through his hand and pencil they become real. A hurry excessive or a lack of concentration usually translates into bad calligraphy since there is no proper coordination between the mind of the child and their extremities.

Therefore, the first step to improve calligraphy should be to increase the concentration of children. A good one option it is the use of booklets that indicate a letter pattern. The child must put all their attention in repeating the same strokes, respect the spaces between words and firmly perform these exercises.

In this sense, another tip is also to go unhurried at the time of writing. The rush can make the strokes are not correct, therefore, you have to encourage the child to slow down, at least while practicing. As you progress and become familiar with these techniques, you can increase the speed.

Other tips for calligraphy

The Nemours Foundation also offers another series of tips to improve calligraphy in children:

- Take the pencil correctly. The pencil is left to rest near the base of the thumb and hold it in place using the thumb, index and middle fingers.

- Going through the lines. The lines help to make letters of the appropriate size and proportions. A good way for children to understand the space that corresponds to each spelling.

- Do not over tighten. Some children squeeze a lot when they write, which hinders the soft strokes needed to write well. The child must be encouraged to relax this pressure.

- Use games. Games can help in many ways to improve calligraphy. An example is the elaboration of labyrinths that will allow the child to improve their layout by having to follow a path to the goal.

Damián Montero

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