Can new technologies improve the health of young people?

The new technologies They have changed society in many aspects, although it is true that the lack of digital education can cause children to fall into different dangers, they can also find benefits in them. They can even improve the health of young people as demonstrated by a publication by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, AEP.

A discovery that has been reached after analyzing the results of others 22 studies in which they put in common new technologies and improving health in young people. To this end, special emphasis was placed on the use of these devices to locate information on diseases or the use of applications to change the most harmful habits of life.

Interest in new technologies

This report is based on the success of new technologies among the youngest. There are not a few hours devoted to these devices, so we can ask ourselves, can this time be used for positive purposes for the health of young people? An example is the use of applications, managed by professionals, that can resolve remote doubts among young people.

Another example are the tools on-line that they allow to change of habits of life to the young people and that they offer basic tips, that never would have for example to replace the visit to a nutricionista. In short, health interventions using smartphones are a viable way of changing risk behaviors for young people.

New technologies can also serve as platform of help through which to contact young people in difficult situations. At these ages, teenagers can feel too disconnected from the rest and lonely, so that through smartphones can access applications where they provide psychological support with which to solve these problems.

So not only at a physical level can young people be helped with new technologies, but in situations of high risk such as depression, it can be provided effective support despite the distance. However, AEP makes it clear that this is a way to investigate and take into account in the long term, so for now should continue to be investigated before implementing it permanently.

Limits new technologies

This AEP report makes clear how new technologies can be very useful, so you do not have to fear them as an article that always has negative consequences. You just have to put limits to ensure proper use:

- Clear rules and without a doubt. There are places that should not be visited, schedules to comply with and norms to be respected under penalty of sanctions.

- Right to review. Parents will have the right to check their children's smartphone to know how they are being used.

- Reservation of information. Internet and new technologies are public space, so private data must be reserved.

Damián Montero

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