Two out of ten adolescents at risk of addiction to new technologies

The arrival of new technologies It has been a great change for the whole society. Not only because they have shortened borders and allowed new forms of communication between the individuals that compose it. They have also brought other problems that deserve attention, among them the appearance of dependence, in some cases of these devices among the youngest.

In fact, according to data from the State Survey on Drug Use in Secondary Education, You are, the number of young people who show this addiction has grown in recent years. Since 2015, this figure has grown up to 21%, a situation that shows how a digital education strategy has not yet been established to stop these problems.

Increase in recent years

If in 2014 the number of young people who showed a compulsive use of internet was 16.4%, the latest data reflected by Estudes encrypt this percentage by 21%. By age, at 14 years of age, we can see how 18.9% of this population shows symptoms of dependence on new technologies, reaching a maximum of 22.3% by the age of 16.

As for the population of 17 years, it is 21.2% the number of young people who present these abusive behaviors and at 18 years the percentage is reduced to 22%. Considering the gender of the respondents, the girls presented a higher addiction than boys, 23.8% in them compared to 18.3% of them. Of course, when it comes to online gambling, the male gender is the one that shows the greatest addiction.

On average, 6.4% of young people between 14 and 18 years old bet money online. By gender, 10.2% of boys perform these activities online compared to 2.5% of girls. A trend that resembles that of real-life play that is a priority in the case of the male gender, 21.6%, by 5.4% of the female population.

Digital education

Faced with this situation, it becomes evident how the little ones should receive a good education to teach them how to handle themselves in this digital environment and avoid falling into these addictions. Here are some tips to teach children how to get the most out of it:

- First the obligation. New technologies can distract and amuse, but first you have to comply with your obligations before using them.

- Use in public. The computer has always been placed in a public place so that parents can check the use that their children make of it.

- Sanctions. Children must accept that if they break the trust that their parents have given them with new technologies, there may be sanctions that restrict the use of these devices.

- Accompany during the first moments. Internet is a very large place where there are many materials, both usable and useless. Parents can help by accompanying their children during their first steps in this world.

Damián Montero

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