How to get your children to tell you the truth

Children from 1 to 6 years old lie for several reasons, but the main thing is that we realize that they still do not have a moral intentionality. Maybe they are afraid, they want to wriggle out or they look for attention. For this reason, you have to see that lie in its proper measure.

The sensitive period of sincerity begins at 3 years and ends at 9 and is the time period in which the brain is prepared for a particular learning. Our son must check that telling the truth is a good thing. It is essential that it relates to an increase in confidence on our part.

Positive vision of sincerity

But how can you get your children to tell you the truth? It is essential that they relate telling the truth with an increase of confidence on our part. If telling the truth you are giving more responsibilities you will see sincerity as something positive.

Phrases you should use: "Son, I believe you." "I love you and I trust you". This is, without a doubt, the most profitable phrase you can use with your son. Who could "resist" a lie for a long time before such a show of affection and confidence? Do not you think that if he has lied to this attitude of his parents, he will run back to ask for forgiveness with a real desire not to lie anymore? But if you mistreat or insult him, do not you think he could think ?: "What a bad thing I do! I have to learn to be smarter! I've been caught foolish!"

Friendship is incompatible with lying

Friendship is closely linked with trust, because it is a commitment to sincerity ... and will surely choose sincere friends. You could ask him: "What would you feel if a friend lied to you? You can not really believe that he does not love you?"

Tell stories and stories

These stories can have as protagonists people who risked their lives to tell the truth. There are many, but you can also invent them. Among the stories of lying characters and what happens to them to cheat continuously, the most famous story is that of the shepherd and the wolf: "The wolf is coming....". At the end of each story, encourage your child to repeat as a moral: "Because you always have to say ... THE TRUTH".

Tips for your children to tell you the truth

1. Accuse them not to hide the bad. If at home there is a good atmosphere, positive, understanding and trusting, our child will not need to lie. Children must tell the good and the bad, in what situations they have screwed up.

2. No reactions with threats and anger. Fear is the worst enemy of truth. Do not ever call him a "liar". And less in public! Always say: "You have not told the truth."

3. Discuss and watch television programs with him. Maybe the protagonist, the hero, is a liar. Maybe the lie is presented as a legitimate weapon to achieve an end and that is what your child will perceive. Desenginea or explain that this attitude is not good.

4. Do not give it too much importance, that is, if we create an atmosphere that is too tense, in which we can not tell the truth about how we put ourselves, we will not succeed in telling the truth to feel satisfaction.

Trick to educate in sincerity

Make a picture of points with our son. Every time you tell the truth after a prank you have to praise him for his courage, forgive him and tell him that we love him more. A point in their favor. Although he is forgiven, the action deserves punishment. We can search with him what kind of punishment he deserves for not having quickly told the truth even though he later recognized it.

Maite Mijancos. Family Advisor

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