Permanent prison already revisable: for our children

There is a political maxim that encourages not to 'legislate in hot', to not change the rules when the feelings are so exalted that they can weigh the reason. But the maxim must also be fulfilled that it does not fall into oblivion that which reason pointed to when the feelings were already calming down.

Sometimes, and this is one of those occasions, it happens that there is no peace between the pain and the reflection, that the cases follow one another, that when Diana's wound still bleeds, the girl murdered - and possibly raped - by a depraved recidivist in Galicia, appears the lifeless body of Gabriel, the child of Almería that has had us with our heart in suspense and hope in the form of a fish Until a few days ago.

We must not tolerate this happening. The reason is simple: societies have as a fundamental premise for their development to protect their children. And we are not protecting them. It is not that the security forces and bodies do not fulfill their obligation. Quite the opposite: thanks to them much less happens than could happen. I can not imagine the frustration of that policeman who has been entrusted to watch over a repeat offender who has been released by an excessively guarantor legislation and who loitering in front of the doors of the schools waiting for his next prey. But between prey and prey, the system gives the umpteenth chance at the expense of some victims for whom the end of the game, the 'game over' will be irreversible.

We must not tolerate this happening. Although that supposes to change all the foundation of the legal model of the Old Continent. Although it implies accepting that maybe the man was not so good by nature and that not all heads are ready to fix themselves. Grief as a path to reintegration is, without a doubt, the best option for a series of crimes. But it is simply aberrant for others.

We must not tolerate this happening. Because in a Rule of Law with sufficient judicial guarantees, it is unacceptable to have to hear that the abuser had already attacked his wife several times before killing her, that the pedophile was an "old acquaintance" of the police who had already passed through prison , a miserable handful of years, before savagely attacking five other poor girls, that this murderer without the slightest trace of regret had already tried to rape his sister-in-law.

We must all raise our protest. Parents with greater zeal. Because the protection of our children depends on it.

Because your own freedom is at stake. Because with such a trail of misfortunes, we will end up keeping them all in such a safe place - far from the bloodthirsty, rapists and pedophiles in search of a utopian reinsertion - that our houses will look like gold cages in which our poor chicks will never be able to fly.

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