Skills that the child learns playing and can use in their future work

To play It is a word that means many things. Although you can define, in a generic way, how to do something with joy in order to entertain yourself, these activities mean much more. Playing many facets are developed, from the motricity of the little ones to other skills that can be very useful in the long term. case of the little ones.

This is indicated by a study of University of Delaware that highlights how Playing You can learn different skills that will be of great help in the future employment of children. From teamwork to others such as language to have to empathize with other children during these recreational activities that can contribute so much.

Multiple developments

What is learned playing? In the first place, the development of frontal lobes, responsible for cognitive learning among many other aspects. This means that the child can adapt better to new situations, one of the skills that can most help at work.

Realizing the changes and responding to them will allow the future For example, they can learn more quickly how to use a new computer program and get the most out of these courses.

In addition not only you have to think about the game as a physical activity. There are many activities at an intellectual level that both have fun and teach. The example is the tongue twister that makes the little ones develop their level of language and mental agility, allowing them to better cope with other colleagues in their future jobs and execute their tasks with greater precision.

On the other hand, the game also serves to learn how to manage stress and get rid of anxiety. A learning that will allow to handle in situations susceptible to cause anguish inside the work. Of course, we must highlight the most important aspect of the game and that contributes in the long term to the workplace: the ability to work as a team.

Many games involve coordination of children with others of their age. In several of them you also have to assume a role and coordinate with the rest to achieve the objective. Therefore, it is always recommended to encourage children to participate in these practices together with other colleagues and not alone.

Other benefits of the game

Play teaches skills for the Laboral future. But these are not the only benefits that these activities offer, these are some of them:

- Keep children in shape. Playing means moving, a form of physical activity that keeps fit in the most fun way.

- Develop your imagination. Many games assume that children have to imagine the world in which they play.

- They promote the union between parents and children. Play and have fun together that will promote the bond between both allowing practices such as dialogue between parents and children is much easier.

Damián Montero

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