Work patience with the family

The patience It is a hard virtue to achieve but easy to lose. Stressful situations can exceed any, even adults. A clear example is to constantly ask a child to behave well and see how he repeats this behavior once. Or see how you always have to constantly ask him to fix his room day after day.

However, losing your temper in front of your children is not recommended. Perhaps in the short and medium term the results will not be seen, but in the long run it would be possible to find a solution to these situations. To be able to face these small "battles"Nothing better than patience, a virtue that is worth learning in the case of parents to face the challenge of a child's education.

Patience and passivity is not the same

From the López de Fez Psychology Center it is highlighted that the first step to work patience is to know that there are no immediate results. Everything involves a process of maturation until achieving what you want. Perhaps to say to a child that he does not behave in such a way, not at the moment, but to remain firm in this behavior will make the child understand that this attitude is not appropriate in the future.

Nor should we confuse patience with passivity. If something does not work, it does not mean that you do not have to keep working to achieve the goal. In any case you can debate what could have failed and if there is something to improve in the future. A new strategy may be all that is needed, but never lower your arms in the absence of results.

Resignation is also a way forward. Some parents simply think "my son is like that", instead of looking for another solution to the situation that he refuses to change. Little by little everything will improve, although sometimes it is true that it is not appreciated by the naked eye. In addition, the children will also take an important lesson about what it means to persist until you get what you propose.

Work to be patient

It seems easy, but mastering patience is a very complicated matter to achieve. Here are some tips for this:

- Self-control To not lose your temper the best thing is to control yourself, for this you can resort to breathing exercises and other techniques to reduce stress.

- Find support. Patience has a high price that is paid in time, sometimes it may seem that strength is lacking. But nothing better than seeking support from the couple.

- Control everything before it breaks out. Those situations that cause lack of patience can be prevented if the patterns prior to the appearance of it are detected.

- Remember the objective. Before giving up, swim better than remembering the long-term goal: get a good education for the little ones.

Damián Montero

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