Travel with children, tips to organize the journey according to age

Travel with the children it is a pleasure. Visit distant places, live their culture and learn together is an activity that ensures unforgettable moments for the whole family. However, we must remember that these journeys are made with people in constant development. From baby to adolescent or young adult, parents should remember that in each age there are different requirements.

These are a series of tips in order to identify what the child may need in each situation. A way to adapt to the changes that are experienced in the day to day of the smallest of the house until reaching adulthood and take advantage of the travels to the maximum

The first trips

Traveling with a baby is not prohibited, although we must remember that the needs of children at these early ages. For example, the logistics that are required to transport it, such as the trolley, makes some options such as long walks less advisable. Also keep in mind that perhaps in overly crowded environments may feel overwhelmed.

As for the accommodation, we must also take into account the limitations of babies. Hotels in secluded places that you have to reach after walking a long path or a charming accommodation in the middle of the field. A good option to be able to transport the baby during the visits of the trip is to carry a backpack that allows to walk with the small one hung.

As they grow, the options also do and it may be a good idea to expand the culture of the child through these trips. Maybe a visit to a museum with a baby does not have too much benefit for him, but doing it at preschool ages and having already started Primary is a good option to take advantage of these trips to encourage curiosity.

You also have to remember that children can feel boring if you spend the whole trip in these environments. You have to alternate more fun plans with visits to museums and other cultural centers. A good way to achieve this is to ask the children what they would like to do during this stay and look for options that fit this criterion.

Adolescents and young people

As they are growing the children, we must make them participants in the organization of the trip. In the case of adolescents, the feeling of rebellion may cause them not to want to spend this time with their parents, so asking possible destinations or what they would like to see stimulate their desire to enjoy these moments. Although of course, the last word must always have the parents.

In these ages the children will already be aware of what exists in other cities, so it is common to indicate possible monuments that want to see or other sites. Something that can even be applied during the trip, an example is that during a walk the teenager sees something that catches your attention and changes the plan to adapt or be taken into account for the next day's departure.

You also have to encourage them to get rid of their screens. Maybe teenagers use their smartphones to talk with their friends, denying care to their relatives. A good idea is to agree times for these activities and at the end of the day allow the use of devices.

Damián Montero

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