Second-hand car seats, an option as dangerous as it is cheap

What father does not like to travel with his son? Enjoy these trips with the little ones ensures unforgettable moments. But to be able to involve children in these activities you have to remember basic safety notions. Among all these aspects we must highlight the use of chair in which all minors must be subject until reaching a certain height.

The purchase of one of these chairs It is something very important for parents and therefore some notions must be taken into account. To prevent possible problems, from the Spanish Alliance for Child Road Safety, AESVI, a series of points are proposed that every parent must take into account when taking these items home. Some warnings including not buying anything second-hand.

Worn products

The cheap, it's expensive. This statement is not free, and in the case of child safety seats, even the price to pay may be as high as the price of a child's life. That is why you do not have to look at the cost of what you are buying since any investment will be compensated with the integrity of the children. That is why the purchase of second-hand products is strongly discouraged.

The passage of time wears out any item after use. The chairs for the car are no exception and therefore buy one of second hand through online markets or portals, as well as accepting others already used by children of relatives, or friends, can make the restraint systems no longer work the same as when they were new.

AESVI also recommends not using the same chairs between brothers, especially when there are several years of difference between one birth and another. The best thing is to go to a specialized center and ask for advice on the different models, and on those that have most adapted to the most current regulations in your market. Of course, you never have to accept an unlicensed product.

Other safety tips

Just as AESVI recommends not buying second-hand products or reusing them after a few years, it also offers other guidelines to be able to count on all the quality in the safety seats:

- Place the safety seat in the rear seats of the car and always lower the child through the door closest to the sidewalk.

- Carry the child in the opposite direction to the march as long as possible, always adjusting the seat to the seat and avoiding that there is slack that causes the article to overturn.

- Avoid loose products, in case of braking or accident, they could hit the child, even if subject, suffer these consequences. Shopping and luggage always in the trunk.

- Always comply with the road safety regulations and never exceed the speed limit and always follow the route avoiding startles.

Damián Montero

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