Ideas to fill the office tupper: a healthy menu for each day

Working outside the home is not an excuse to feed only fast food or prepared food. This is stated by CMED Nutrition Specialist Doctor, Dr. Domingo Carrera. And it is possible to prepare healthy meals, easily digested and in record time with these ideas to fill the office tupper with a healthy menu for each day.

For good health take care what you take in the tupper to the office

To lead a healthier life is simple, at least nutritionally speaking, "you can make healthy and easily digested meals and do it in record time and even make them come with us in a tupper to the office. Of course, then take some time to enjoy them quietly, without doing anything else but eating. In this way, you will be more aware of what you eat and you will feel more satisfied, not to mention the benefits of taking a relaxing break to perform more in our work, "says Dr. Domingo Carrera Medical Specialist Nutrition Center Surgical of Digestive Diseases (CMED).

Use a tupper It is a great way to control what you eat, to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and even to be able to control your weight. We just have to be careful with what we prepare. Dr. Carrera, CMED nutritionist doctor, points out that in that single dish we carry in the tupper "they should not miss mixed vegetables in salad or hot, representing 40% of the dish (never less than 30%) and including at least one vegetable of each representative color (red, yellow, green). Then there must be protein without much fat or with good fat. This portion should also be not less than 30% of the dish and, preferably, it would be chicken, turkey, rabbit, legumes or fish (more frequent blue, but also white). And finally, a complex carbohydrate may appear in the form of brown rice, potato, whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta. These should be between 20-30% of the dish. "

The foods that you have to choose, preferably, should be Steamed, baked, grilled or stewed with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. They can also be raw or marinated (tartar, ceviche) or sautéed, but with very little oil. "What we should avoid are the breaded, breaded or gratinated," adds the CMED expert.

At the time of dessert, a skimmed yogurt without added sugar, gelatin or pudding without sugar can be good options. And, although the fruit is better to take between meals, if we take a piece it is better that it be an apple, a pear or a peach. These can be made in the oven or in the form of homemade compote, but without added sugar or with agave syrup.

Avoid the heaviness of stomach in the office

Ideally, the food of the tupper as well as being healthy and light, is not heavy, since you have to go back to work. To avoid stomach heaviness and sleep, it is appropriate that the food has fiber (vegetables and / or legumes, whole-grain flours). "This fiber will allow a faster and more efficient gastric emptying, thus reducing the feeling of heaviness in the afternoon," says Dr. Carrera, adding: "What we should not eat to avoid that heaviness are saturated fats (breaded, beef) or lamb, sausages, seafood, whole milk products) and sugars or white flours (white bread, pasta or non-integral rice, desserts with refined sugars, pastries and industrial pastry) ".

What tupper to choose?

Glass is always a better option than plastic when purchasing a tupper to store or transport food. But, if it is made of plastic, it is better that when we heat the food we take it out of the tupper and pour it into a glass or crockery dish. "By heating the plastic tupper directly, microscopic particles of that plastic can remain in the food and it would be toxic in the long term to ingest them continuously," explains Dr. Carrera.

The weekly menu of the office: a tupper for each day

This is the complete menu that we can follow to feed ourselves properly in the office every day of the week and recommended by Dr. Carrera. Then, give imagination to the variants, yes, following the tips mentioned.

Monday. Stewed lentils with leek and tomato curry + a portion of brown rice + multicolored salad (fresh mixed vegetables) with sherry vinaigrette.

Tuesday. Chicken with mushrooms and spring onions + homemade mashed potatoes with mustard + warm salad of wild mushrooms, peppers and aubergines.

Wednesday. Medallion of salmon with grilled dill + whole grain rigatoni with aglio olio + cream of broccoli, corn and carrot.

Thursday. Turkey baked in orange + sweet potato and potato wedges baked with skin + sautéed vegetables varied oriental style.

Friday. Ceviche or tartare of tuna or corvina with avocado + bread or whole rye or rye biscuits with seeds + ratatouille of varied vegetables (baked).

The most suitable desserts for the office

If there are, they can be: cappuccino with skimmed milk, jasmine tea with berries, apple compote with agave and cinnamon, yogurt skimmed with blueberries, gelatin Light of pineapple or strawberry or pudding with sweetener. "They can be associated to each menu in the order that is desired", concludes Dr. Carrera.

María Jiménez
Advice: Dr. Domingo Carrera. CMED Nutrition Specialist

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