The European Commission recalls the importance of vaccines

Thanks to the vaccinations They have managed to eradicate some of the deadliest diseases in history, case of smallpox. In addition, these injectables also can prevent several viruses such as influenza and other conditions such as measles or chickenpox. However, there are many detractors of these practices, who say they have several negative effects on children.

Therefore, in the face of as much disinformation, from the European Comission Parents are reminded of the importance of vaccinations. A response to all the texts that may raise doubts about the importance of applying these injectables to the smallest because of their high value in preventing diseases such as the ones mentioned above and avoiding the possibility of massive contagion from others.

Importance of vaccines

The European Commission notes that vaccination is one of the public health measures developed in the twentieth century more efficient and profitable, and the main tool for primary prevention of diseases. However, the attitude of some parents within the continent has led to large outbreaks of measles in several countries, which could have been avoided.

The current challenges in this field, among many other aspects, face the reluctance to these vaccines, for which an urgent response is required. To this end, in 2018 a joint action on prevention will be launched, co-financed by the Union Health Program, which will focus on strengthening the interaction of information systems on immunization, improving the forecast of supply and demand, improving the establishment of priorities in the field of vaccine research and development and the fight against attitudes of some parents.

Among the measures that have been adopted is that of launching a questionnaire in which to ask parents for their vision about vaccines. A way to know in depth the situation of the households and to know which is the majority point of view to establish lines of investigation more directed to the real context within Europe and to adapt to the situation of each country.

Unicef ​​also remembers

Not only the European Commission puts on the table the importance of vaccines. Since Unicef Parents are also reminded of the importance of these preventive measures in children to guarantee immunity against diseases that are usually fatal in some cases. This organism indicates that these doses act reinforcing the defenses of the small one against the disease but that they only have effect if they are administered before the problem appears.

Vaccinating a child when he shows symptoms of a disease does not have no useHowever, before doing so, the minor has the necessary antibodies to cope with contagious conditions such as measles or chicken pox. Also these doses are very useful to keep at bay problems as serious as whooping cough that can cause the death of children.

Unicef ​​points out that in some cases parents do not vaccinate their children because of the possible side effects that these generate in the little ones: fever, cough, etc. However, this body notes that all of them have little importance, if they are compared with the possible illness that they would cause by the contagion of it. Another reason argued by some parents is that their children suffer from another condition.

Unicef ​​clarifies that there is no need to fear complications in the disease present in the smallest. Vaccination is perfectly compatible with the treatment of common conditions such as colds, although it is always recommended to consult the pediatrician for possible complications with a drug. In the case of the babies, this organism recommends to maintain the lactancia so that the small one also receives the benefits of this food, as for example its antibodies.

Damián Montero

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