From the cradle to the bed, what does it mean for the child to stop sleeping with the parents?

There are many important moments in the development of every child: learn to read, leave the diaper to start using the service or move from the cradle to your own bed. This last moment means a lot to the little ones of the house, much more than a change of the place where they sleep, it is also the point where they begin to gain some autonomy and begins to gain responsibility when taking charge of their own space.

But not only encourages autonomy and responsibility in the little ones, it also helps their sleep levels are better and their rest is encouraged. This is indicated by a study published in the magazine Pediatrics and where it is clear that those children who at a certain age slept alone had better results in this regard.

40 more minutes of rest

To verify the benefits that could have for the level of rest in the smallest sleep in their own room, those responsible for the study brought together different families with children of age to be able in their own room. On the one hand they distinguished between those who had their own bedroom and those who followed Resting next to his parents.

Along the 30 months the researchers followed closely the cases of these children. After the first 9 it was shown that those children who slept in their own room slept up to 26 minutes more than those who rested with their parents. Time that increased in children who met the sleep schedule because in these cases it increased to 40 minutes.

After 30 months the results proved that those children who had begun to sleep alone from the beginning presented up to 45 minutes more of sleep than those who had waited at 9 months to make the change from their parents' room to their own room.

Benefits of a room of your own

The fact that the child sleeps alone does not only mean that their rest levels improve. It also helps to improve many other aspects of the More smalls of the house. Values ​​that make children develop very important skills for them:

- Responsibility The room of the smallest is their territory, they must learn to manage it themselves. Picking it up, keeping it clean and other details depend on the child.

- Independence Children have their first space in their room. They choose decoration and their organization, a way to increase their independence.

- Space to develop. The children's room is a place where they can develop their own skills, from studying, to reading or playing to stimulate their imagination. Many options have to be contributed in this room.

Damián Montero

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