Improve self-control in children with these fun activities

There are many things that a child must learn throughout its development. Not only in school matters, in addition to the skills taught by Mathematics and other subjects such as History, we must also internalize other skills. The good thing about this process is that it does not have to be boring, there are many activities and games that can serve as the best theoretical lesson.

Among all the skills that the child must learn is the self-control. A skill that of course can also be learned through the game and other activities. These are some proposals made by the Understood Foundation to get children to develop this skill while having a good time.

Ideas to develop self-control

Having fun and learning is possible? Of course, any afternoon with the brothers, any trip to the park with other children of their age, can be used to develop the self-control.

Let the child plan.

What better way for the child to take control, both of himself and the rest, than to make him responsible? Allowing the children to decide and make them the bosses is a good idea, they will be responsible for complying with the rules and enforcing them. For example, if the child decides to do crafts, he should ensure that all the participants have the materials and check that everything goes properly.


The family is a team and the best way to demonstrate it is to organize a joint activity. Think of a plan where everyone has to participate and there is a role to take on. For example, a family theater where everyone has a role. In this way the child will learn to calm down and to exercise this special mission that has been assigned to him and that must be fulfilled to achieve the objective.

Invite him to narrate his adventures.

A visit to the grandparents' house, or a meeting with their friends can be a good way for children to learn to control themselves and remember everything they should tell their acquaintances or relatives. At the same time the children will have to know how to listen to the rest when it is not their turn to speak.

Cooperation before competition.

If a child has problems with self-control, it is always better to let them cooperate before they compete. If you must collaborate with other partners it will be easier to calm your nerves to remember what your task is. In the other case you will feel the obligation to achieve victory at any price by letting yourself be carried away by your emotions.

Control games.

The English chick, the game of chairs, Simon says. All these games have in common that children must fulfill a goal, stay still or make an order effective, if they want to be successful. A good lesson about what self-control means in children.

Damián Montero

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